Math is cool …


A mother is 21 years older than her son. Six years from now the mother will have an age 5 times that of the child.

Question: Where is the father now? Yes, you did not read wrong … where is the Father?

Some calculations have to be done to get the answer!
Incredible as it may seem the answer is given by mathematics!

See the answer below… it’s very interesting:


Looking Today:

The mother is now Y years old
The boy is now X years old
So with the mother 21 years older: Y = X + 21
6 years from now: (Y + 6) and (X + 6)
So with the mother 5 times older than her son: Y + 6 = 5 (X + 6)

Y + 6 = 5 X + 30
Y = 5X + 24
Then, replacing in the first equation = X + 21 we have:
5X + 24 = X + 21

-4X = 3
X = -¾

The boy is now -¾ years old, that is, – 9 months (minus nine months !!!).

The answer is logical:

If the boy is exactly nine months old, he will be born in nine months,


Answer to the proposed problem:

  • The father is now “eating” the mother, while you break your head !!!

Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!


You are driving a car and maintaining a constant speed.

On your left side there is a huge swan.

On the right side a large fire engine, which maintains a speed identical to yours.

In front of you a horse gallops, which is much taller than your car, and you cannot pass it.

Behind you comes a helicopter close to the ground.

Both the horse and the helicopter maintain a speed identical to yours.

What do you do to get out of this situation safely?

Think a little…

Think a bit longer…

The answer is further down….




















You step out the carousel and you stop drinking, ’cause the alcohol is killing you… 😂

The 5 Jews

The 5 Jews who most changed the way of seeing the World:
Moses, when he said: “The Law is everything …”;
Jesus, when he said: “Love is everything …”;
Marx, when he said: “Capital is everything …”;
Freud, when he said: “Sex is everything …”.
Then EINSTEIN came and fucked it up when he said:
“Everything is relative …” 😀

Scenes from an auction … !!!

A Chinese vase from the Ming dynasty is being auctioned.
The initial bid opens at half a million euros.

The auction is live and each interested party is clearly identified.

Bids are constantly increasing from 100 to 100 thousand Euros. (The fee of
exchange rate at the time of the auction was $1.43 for each euro).

In a few seconds, the bid reaches a million euros, and the cry of the
present crowd, demonstrates the frisson of the moment in the room.

The winner is the last bidder of one million, and the auctioneer
proposal countdown.

“I give you one, I give you two, sold to the gentleman sitting on the second
queue for a million euros. “

Now, watch the video.

The auctioneer is exuberant.

The pace is fast.

This is how an auction should be run.

Please note the emotion on the auctioneer’s face after the final bid.

Over the age…

A group of friends for over 50 years was discussing which restaurant they would go to for dinner …

Finally they decided on Mozambique Restaurant, because the maids were nice and wore mini-skirts and very low-cut blouses.

10 years later, at age 60, the group met again and once again discussed the choice of the restaurant.

They decided on Mozambique Restaurant, because the food was very good and there was an excellent wine list.

10 years later, at the age of 70, the group met again and again there was a discussion about the location.

They decided on Mozambique Restaurant, because it had a wheelchair ramp and even a small elevator.

10 years later, at the age of 80, the group met again and once again the restaurant theme returned to the fore.

After a heated discussion, they decided to … Mozambique Restaurant…

Everyone thought it was a great idea, since they had never been there !!

Go laughing, go …