Supernova is a star that reaches its peak and explodes into billions of small particles that will become life in another part of the cosmos.
This film takes us on a journey of love, sharing, remembering, wanting, leaving… And it leads us to an interior supernova.
A beautiful and pure love written in the stars of the night, in the Milky Way that not only encompasses the heavenly vault but is also inscribed in the core of each one of us!
The beauty of the photography in this film is idyllic, the landscapes are breathtaking, so beautiful and poetic the way they are screened to us and the soundtrack lulls us into a story shared by the road not only of the journey itself but also of the journey of Life!
The intensity of the story is sometimes stifling, as we feel so much in the skin of each of the protagonists, Sam and Tusker!
The brilliant work of the actors, Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci is chilling… The faithful delivery of a story that can be as real as it is vivid!
A delight and a grip are feelings that pervade us at the end of this film.
I do recommend it.

“We will not starve for lack of wonders, but from lack of wonder.”


The Velvet Underground

Whether you like or hate them, The Velvet Underground documentary it’s a piece of art!

History is exposed in this doc, not only the bands but also the 60’s explosion of art in its most ubiquity… The caldron that fostered miscegenation of arts was presented in the form of a unique band, The Velvet Underground!

To find the roots of alternative music in all its aspects within this doc!

Sunday morning, brings the dawn in
It’s just a restless feeling by my side
Early dawning, Sunday morning
It’s just the wasted years so close behind

Lou Reed & John Cale

Woodstock 99: Peace, Love and Rage

Music has and will always be the art that can bring people together, make them feel unified, and believe in themselves…

Watching this documentary blew my mind… How can something so pure become this rage, this warzone that Woodstock99 became?!…

Everyone who enjoys music must watch this documentary, so each one can have a possibility of questioning itself about these facts, this monstrosity, this need to rage against each other… And finally, see it as the documentary it is, about a specific festival, and what should never ever happen again!

Let love rule with music, always!

There’s a festival grounds in Germany, it was literally built by Hitler. And we’ve played there a bunch of times, it’s a great venue, lots of fun. The airbase was less hospitable than the venue built by Nazis.


Kid 90

I really, really enjoyed this documentary! It can bring us way back up ’til the ’90s!

OK, I might be one of the fewest people in the world who didn’t know Soleil Moon Frey, sorry about that!

Nonetheless, the documentary it’s great… All that footage taken by her and her friends deserved to be delivered back to the light!

And you will find also lots of actors, actresses that are now at their peak or where!

It is on ode to friends, to life, and to the ’90s.

And after that, listen to the beautiful original song of the one and only Linda Perry… It is absolutely overwhelming, heartfelt, and pitch-perfect! It sums up the documentary in a way that it deserved an Oscar.

“Here I am, facing myself
Peeling away emotions I felt
Wouldn’t change a moment of my life
So many walked through these doors
Falling through windows to so much more
We held onto each other to get by
Put up a fight
Enough is enough
We were just kids
Falling in love
Trying to play a game we couldn’t win
So, where are you now?
Where were you then?
Do you belong?
Have you found a true friend?
And who you making love with along the way?
I’ve been fearless
Trying to be strong
Yeah, I’ve been living on the edge
For so long
I’ve been waiting for light
To show me the way
Help me piece it together, frame by frame
I’m holding on
Watching my past
The ones that made it
And the ones that couldn’t last
It’s all right here
I wrote it to myself
What I wanted wasn’t crazy
All I needed was some light
In my life”


An astonishing trip back to the mid-’90s, with the one and only Alanis Morissette!

Watching this documentary was a thrilling experience… Hearing these tunes brought me back to a bunch of thrilling moments lived, laughed, cried, screamed at that particular point of my life!

She deserved every single love given by her fans, for she opened her heart with us all and gave a soundtrack to moments that made us who we are today!

It was a trip watching her backstory up until the moment Jagged little pill was written!

Girl power, no doubt about it, but foremost, pure energy transformed into timeless music!

Thank you very much, Alanis!

You nailed it!

You won!


Diva, Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul life!

A great biography movie, of this one and only woman! She put her heart and soul in everything she did and it became timeless. And I won’t even mention the soundtrack, because it’s pure gold! And Jennifer Hudson sings with soul and heart too!

Above all, she was an entertainer and a movement rights front-woman! RESPECT!

Singing for the movement, and sending people into battle with a song is not enough anymore. I need to be with them.

Aretha Franklin