Dimash Kudaibergen

The singer’s name is Dimash Kudaibergen, 23 years old, of Kazakhstan.

The scale of his voice is 6 tones and 9 semitones, and goes from baritone to soprano without difficulty, something rare to find.
He is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and sings in 9 languages.
He is recognized by many as the best singer in the world.


What a story, what a life, what an icon, what a musician, what a WOMAN!

Tina it’s a documentary with a mandatory visualization!

The life of Tina Turner it is a story which shows us that nightmarish relationship can not and will not define us, and most of all, dreams can come true!

I will not alongue this post any further because all need to watch this!

It’s the strength of a woman!

Thank you Tina, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your story with us all!


We are the World

In early 2020, the 35th anniversary of “We Are The World” was celebrated. A song that was idealized by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, recorded in January 1985 by 45 of the biggest names in North American music, in the project known as USA For Africa.

Watch the video and see how the singers are doing … some have already left us!


An amazing documentary about an outstanding artist, the one and only Whitney Houston!

I was overblown by her story… She was born to become a superstar… The voice, the entertainment, the music, the movie… Everything looked easy, because of her unique talent!

But like they say, the brightest flame burns quicker, unfortunately for us all…

Nonetheless she still lives and will live forever through her art, her voice, her joy, her legacy, her purest love to music 🎶

Thank you Nippy!