I want to trust again!

I was raised on common moral principles:
When I was little, mothers, fathers, teachers, grandparents, uncles, neighbors were authorities worthy of respect and consideration.
The closer or older, the more affection.
It was unthinkable to answer rudely to elders, teachers or authorities…

We trusted adults because they were all fathers, mothers or relatives of the children in our street, in our neighborhood, in our city…
We were only afraid of the dark, of frogs, of horror movies…

Today it gave me an infinite sadness for all that we lost.

For everything my grandchildren will one day face.
For the fear in the eyes of children, young people, old people and adults.

Human rights for criminals, unlimited duties for honest citizens.
Not taking advantage of everything means being an idiot.
Paying debts in good time is being silly…
Amnesty for corrupt and thieves…

What happened to us?
Mistreated teachers in classrooms, traders threatened by drug dealers, bars on our doors and windows.

What values are these?

Cars that are worthy more than hugs, daughters wanting plastic surgery as a passing gift
of year…
Cell phones in children’s backpacks.

What do you want for a hug?

The fun is worth more than a diploma.
A giant TV it’s worth more than a good conversation.
Make up is worth more than ice cream.
Better to appear than to be…

When did everything disappeared or became ridiculous?

I want to rip the bars off my window so I can touch the flowers!

I want to sit on the porch and sleep with the door open on Summer nights!

I want honesty as a source of pride.
I want uprightness of character, a clean face and an eye-to-eye look.
I want shame in my face and solidarity.
I want hope, joy, confidence!

I want to shut up someone who says: “we have to be at the level of…”, when talking about a person.
Below the  “HAVE”, live the “BE”
And live the return of true life, simple as rain, clear as the spring sky, light as the morning breeze!
And definitely beautiful, like all dawns.

I want to take back my simple and common world, where love, solidarity and fraternity exist as core values.
Let’s go back to being “people”!
The indignation at the lack of ethics, morals, respect…
Build a better, fairer, more human World, where people respect people.

Who knows?…
We need to try…

Our children deserve it and our grandchildren too, they will certainly thank us!
Maybe starting by forwarding or sharing this message…

Unknown author

Of homosexuality & prejudices (under the name of God as an alibi!)

Recently, a famous US radio host stated that homosexuality was a perversion: “That’s what the Bible says in the book of Leviticus, chapter 18, verse 22: “You shall not lie with a man as you would lie with a woman: it would be an abomination.” The Bible addresses the issue thus. Period,” she said.
A few days later, a listener sent him an open letter that said:
«Thank you for putting so much fervor into educating people by the Law of God. I learn a lot listening to your program and I try to get people around me to listen to it too. However, I need some advice regarding other biblical laws.
For example, I would like to sell my daughter as a servant, as indicated in the Book of Exodus, chapter 21, verse 7. In your opinion, what would be the best price?
Leviticus also, in chapter 25, verse 44, teaches that I can own slaves, male or female, on condition that they are bought from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans but not Canadians. Could you clarify for me on this point?
Why can’t I own Canadian slaves?
I have a neighbor who works Saturdays. The Book of Exodus, chapter 35, verse 2, clearly says that he must be put to death. Do I have to kill him myself? Could you somehow calm me down in this kind of embarrassing situation?
Another thing: Leviticus, chapter 21, verse 18, says that we cannot go near the altar of God if we have problems with our eyesight. I need glasses to read. Would my eyesight have to be 100%? Would it be possible to revise this requirement in order to lower the limit?
One last piece of advice. My uncle does not respect what Leviticus, chapter 19, verse 19 says, planting two different types of crops in the same field, in the same way that his wife wears clothes made of different fabrics: cotton and polyester. Besides, he spends his days cursing and cursing. Will it be necessary to go to the end of the embarrassing process of bringing together all the villagers to cut my uncle and aunt, as prescribed in Leviticus, chapter 24, verses 10 to 16? Couldn’t one rather burn them alive after a simple private family gathering, as is done with those who sleep with close relatives, as indicated in the Holy Book, chapter 20, verse 14?
I fully trust your help.»

Blog Azimutes

This text was shared back in 2004 but, unfortunately, it is still relevant these days.

A Celtic Hymn to Love

With images from Scotland
May the path meet you.
May the wind always blow at your back and the rain fall soft on your fields.
And until we meet again, may the Future smile on you constantly.
May you live as long as you want and may you always be able to live fully.
Always remember to forget the things that made you sad, but never forget to remember the ones that made you happy.
Always remember to forget the friends who turned out to be false, but never forget to remember those who remained faithful.
Always remember to forget about the problems that have already passed, but never forget to remember the good things of each day.
May the saddest day in your future be no worse than the happiest day in your past.
May the roof never fall on you and may the friends gathered under it never leave.
May you always have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and may the way always open at your door.

May you always have warm words in a cold evening, a full moon in a dark night, and may the way always open at your

May you live a hundred years, with an extra year to repent.
May the Future keep you in its “hands” and don’t squeeze its fingers too much.
May your neighbors respect you, problems leave you, your friends accompany you, and your health does not fail you.
And may the fate of the Celtic hills embrace you.
May you never regret being born.
May your conscience be light and your heart heavy with friendship and love.
May good luck pursue you, and each day and night you have walls against the wind, a roof from the rain, drinks by the fire, laughter that comforts those you love, and that your heart may be filled with everything you desire.
May you see your children’s children, may your misfortune be brief and leave you rich with longing. May you know nothing but happiness from this day forward.
May you have many years of life, pursuing Friendship, Solidarity, and Peace among all Human Beings…
…and so be it every year, forever!

Original: “Saudação Celta” by an unknown author!

Joe Bell

A must-see film. Reid Miller’s performance is astonishing and Mark Wahlberg too.

The only tiny detail that it could make it even better is a bit flaws during the story telling… But it still ca brings us to our knees with this true story.

And it made me write something about one of humanities worst nature, not accepting the diference… Sad but still so damn true…

One of the biggest scourges at school is bullying. The difficulty that human beings have in accepting the difference is something that transcends me. Why do we all have to be the same? Why is the supposed normality established in society? What is it really like to be normal?
Everything that escapes the conception of a hypocritical, selfish and individualistic society, which is governed by social position, not looking to talent, to the struggle for personal achievement where sometimes difficulties are disqualified, but by the need to focus at any cost, destroys many a dreams, many struggles and unfortunately many lives.
Some people have become parasites, as they tend to live with the urge to be known at all costs, whether for the values ​​he has, good and bad, or for the prominence of power, which adds nothing to their existence, just inflating their pedantry. They have nothing to give, but they think they are all that others need.
Unfortunately, and with the dawn of the Internet, of the idea of ​​a global village, of the union of all, the reverse side of the coin was and is being very hard. Each time an individual centrism is denoted, each one sees himself as better than the other, that only what he/she says and writes is the absolute truth, where opinion becomes the rule… And with all the risks that this entails, if lives are lost, the supposed normality is further delimited.
Normal is a person to be happy, normal is a person to live with others, normal is to live in line with nature, normal is to respect, normal is to live and let live, normal is to fight for human rights, normal is a powerful word that only it must so simply mean openness and respect.
Let us live our lives and let each other live theirs.
Respect, tolerance, acceptance, friendship, will… Words that must be part of each one of us.
Let us be happy in our oneness. We are unique and in this way we make humanity brighter and more beautiful.


P.S. https://www.historyvshollywood.com/reelfaces/joe-bell/

Old Chinese advice

Once upon a time there was a Chinese peasant, very poor but wise, who worked the land hard with his son. One day the son said to him: “Father, what a disgrace, our horse has run away.”
“Why do you call it a disgrace?” replied the father. “We’ll see what time brings us.”
After a few days the horse returned accompanied by a beautiful wild mare. “Dad, how lucky.” exclaimed the boy.
“Our horse brought another.”
“Why do you call it luck?” replied the father. “We’ll see what time brings us.”
A few days later the boy wanted to ride the new horse, but this one, not used to the saddle, reared up and laid him on the ground.
In the fall, the boy broke his leg. “Father, what a disgrace, I broke my leg.” The father, taking up his experience and wisdom, said: “Why do you call it a disgrace? We’ll see what time brings us.”
The boy was not convinced of his father’s philosophy. A few days later, the king’s envoys passed through the village looking for young men to take to war. They went to the old man’s house, saw the weakened young man and left him on his way.
The young man then understood that one must never give either misfortune or fortune as absolutes, but that, in order to know if something is bad or good, it is necessary to give it time.
The moral of this Ancient Chinese Council is: Life takes so many turns and is so paradoxal in its course that both bad can become good and good can become bad.
So let’s wait for tomorrow with Joy and let’s live today in Fulness.
Have yourself a happy day!

Images taken from an unknown author PowerPoint.

A tight hug…

It’s a show of affection,
Tenderness and a lot of love!
It’s longing and tear,
But it’s also heat.
Hug is love
It’s wanting to cuddle
It’s feeling a friend
With all your attachment.
We can hug
One cause, one person.
Hug is hug:
is to belt and encircle
It’s not feeling space.
Embrace a cause
It’s what makes us feel
That whoever fights believes
And will never give up
Hug a child
It’s to convey affection,
It’s telling with arms
That it will never be alone.
Hug a friend
With all the fraternity
It’s like saying I’m here!
For all eternity.
Hug a great love
With all understanding
It unties all knots
And make a bond of union.
So let’s hug
A child, a cause,
A friend and our love?
It costs so little to hug…
Believe me, it doesn’t hurt!
“If we could be aware of how fleeting our lives are, maybe we would think twice about throwing away the opportunities we have to be and to make others happy!”

Just one more recommendation…

Whoever you are, you’re in the middle.
There are people in front of you and people behind you.

“Whoever plants, reaps.”

What you put into other people’s lives will come back to you.

Text: Received by email

Images from the Internet.

Letter to Tenant

Letter to the Tenant (no mistake, it’s for you),
Read, it takes only 2 minutes or so.

Mr tenant,
I inform you that the lease we made thousands of years ago is about to expire.
It needs to be renewed, but we have to review some fundamental points:
1 – You need to pay the energy bill.
It’s too high!
How do you spend so much?
2 – Before I’ve given you plenty of water, today I no longer have that amount.
We need to renegotiate your use.
3 – Why are there people at home eating enough and others who are starving if the field is so big?
If you take good care of the land, there will be food for everyone!
4 – You cut trees that gave shade, air and balance.
The sun is very hot and the heat has increased.
Think about starting to plant them again!
5 – All animals and plants in my huge garden must be cared for and preserved
I looked for some animals and didn’t find them. When I leased you the house they existed…
6 – I did not see the fish that lived in rivers and lakes.
Did you catch them all? NOT?! So where are they?
7 – What strange colors are these that I see in the sky?!
I don’t see blue!
8 – Speaking now of garbage, what is this dirt, hey???
I found strange objects along the way! Tires, plastics… what is this?
Well, it’s time to talk. I need to know if you want to continue living here.
If so, what do you want to do to fulfill the contract?
I wish you were always with me but everything has a limit.
Do you want to stop and think?
I await your answers and attitudes….
Your house,

From the PowerPoint presentation “Carta al inquilino” by Pequeñas Semillitas