6 short stories by Anthony de Mello


The walls that imprison us are mental, not real.
A bear was constantly moving up and down the six meters in length of the cage.
When, after five years, they took him out of the cage, the bear continued to travel up and down the same six meters, as if he were still in the cage …
… And it was … For him …


Our enemies are not those who hate us, but those we hate …
A former inmate from a Nazi concentration camp went to visit a friend who had shared with him such a painful experience.
– “Have you already forgotten the Nazis?”, He asked his friend.
– “Yes,” he said.
– “Well, I don’t. I still continue to hate them with all my soul. ”
His friend said to him calmly:
– “So … you’re still a prisoner” !!!


Most of the time, the flaws that we see in others are our own flaws.
“Forgive me, sir,” said the shy student, “but I was unable to decipher what you wrote to me in the margin of my last exam …”
“I was telling you to write in a more legible way”, replied the teacher!

Most of the time, the defects that we see in others are our own defects.
“Forgive me, sir,” said the shy student, “but I was unable to decipher what you wrote to me in the margin of my last exam …”
“I was telling you to write in a more legible way”, replied the teacher!


The power of fear
The Plague was on its way to Damascus and passed quickly by the tent of the head of a caravan in the desert.
– “Where are you going in such a hurry?”, the chief asked him.
– “Damascus. I plan to claim a thousand lives. ”
On the way back from Damascus, the Plague passed by the caravan again.
Then the chief said to him:
– “I already know that you claimed 50,000 lives, not the thousand that you said!”
– “No,” replied the Plague, “I only covered a thousand lives. The rest was taken by the Fear. ”


An old man said that he had only complained once, in his whole life. That was when he went barefoot and had no money to buy shoes. Then, he saw a happy man who had no feet. And he never complained again.


The philosopher Diogenes was eating lentils when he saw the philosopher Aristipo, who lived, comfortably, on the basis of flattering the king. And Aristipo said to him:
“If you learned to be submissive to the king, you wouldn’t have to eat that lentil rubbish.”
To which Diogenes replied:
“If you had learned to eat lentils, you would not have to flatter the king”.

Have a great day.
Based on the PowerPoint presented by Nanda and adapted by Ias.


What a story, what a life, what an icon, what a musician, what a WOMAN!

Tina it’s a documentary with a mandatory visualization!

The life of Tina Turner it is a story which shows us that nightmarish relationship can not and will not define us, and most of all, dreams can come true!

I will not alongue this post any further because all need to watch this!

It’s the strength of a woman!

Thank you Tina, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your story with us all!


Did you knew?

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People who ride roller coasters are more likely to have a blood clot in the brain.
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People with blue eyes see better in the darkness.
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Money is not made of paper, but of cotton.
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A small amount of alcohol in a scorpion will make it go crazy instantly and sting itself to death.
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Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying.
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A huge underground river flows under the Nile, with six times more water than the upstream.

The USA uses 29% of the world’s gasoline and 33% of the world’s electricity

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Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear 700 times.
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The animal responsible for most human deaths worldwide is the mosquito.
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Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people.
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We exercise at least 30 muscles when we smile.
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Our nose is our personal air conditioning system: it heats cold air, cools hot air and filters out impurities.
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Our brain is more complex than the most powerful computer and has more than 100 billion nerve cells.
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When a person dies, hearing is usually the first sense to be lost.
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German shepherds bite humans more than any other breed of dogs.
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The eye pupil expands 45 percent when a person looks at something pleasant.
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The sound you hear when you snap your fingers is actually the sound of bubbles of nitrogen gas exploding.
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The only part of the body that has no blood supply is the cornea of the eye. It absorbs oxygen directly from the air.
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It cost $ 7 million to build the Titanic and $ 200 million to make a film about it.