The 12 most populated locations

The 12 agglomerations most populated in the World

To your knowledge…
At 12th position is Chongqing (China), with 15,872,179 inhabitants.
The 11th is Karachi, Pakistan, reaching 16,093,786 inhabitants.
In 10th place is Osaka (Japan), with 19,165,340 inhabitants.
9th is Mumbai (India) with 20,411,274 inhabitants.
The 8th is Beijing (China) with 20,462,610 inhabitants.
China today has about 1 billion and 400 million inhabitants, almost the same population that had all the world, at the end of the XIXth century.
The 7th is Cairo (Egypt) with 20,900,604 inhabitants.
The 6th is Dhaka (Bangladesh) with 21,005,860 population.
The 5th is Mexico City with 21,782,378 inhabitants in the metropolitan area (on its way to have the same number of inhabitants as the entire Mexican Republic by the 1950’s).
The 4th is São Paulo (Brazil) with 22,043,028 inhabitants.
A city that grows at giant steps.
The third is Shanghai (China) with 27,058,480 inhabitants.
The 2nd is Delhi (India) with 30,290,936 inhabitants (India has an estimated population of 1 billion and 300 million inhabitants).
And in 1st place, the undisputed champion, is Tokyo, Japan with 37,393,128 inhabitants.
A real population explosion!
We will now make some important observations:
– No European city appears on the list. Moscow is the most populated European city (12.5 million) and ranks at 23rd.
– China has three cities with many million inhabitants:
Shanghai, Beijing and Chongqing. The three together exceed 63 million inhabitants.

Now let’s look at some aspects of the conditions in which people live in large cities, especially in Asia …

Thousands of families live here …
Transport and housing units make people feel… compressed, huddled, squeezed in small spaces.
Multifamily buildings resemble huge anthills.
A beach saturated with bathers…
Look at this saturated highway and sincerely say if it isn’t much better to live in smaller cities.
A city, for it to be “livable”, should not have more than 500 thousand inhabitants …
The Earth has space and natural resources to give healthy lives to 6 billion human beings.
Today we are already 8 billion.
And, at the current rate of growth, we will be 10 billion in 2050. There is not enough space or natural resources for all of this! Something has to be done urgently to curb and reduce population growth of human beings on Earth.

Based on the PowerPoint made by Irene Aguir, that can be found here. These are the 2020 top 12 population countries.

Covid-19 – DANGER! Read this report

IMPORTANT – Covid-19 – DANGER! Read this report

Physicians in the ICU of the MILITARY HOSPITAL *:

We want to make a cordial appeal to the common sense of people who accepted the lack of confinement as if the pandemic had ended and as if we had returned to normalcy before the start of this crisis.

Infecting with the coronavirus is not a common cold:

There are high fevers, sore throats and tightness in the chest to the point that life seems to be going away and the worst is there;

Resuscitation is required.

* There is talk of ventilation, but it is NOT an oxygen mask placed on your mouth and nose, while you have fun thinking about your life, no!

Invasive ventilation for COVID-19 is intubation that is done under general anesthesia and consists of staying for at least 2 to 3 weeks without moving, usually on your stomach (prone position) with a tube in your mouth to the trachea, which allows you to breathe in the rhythm of the machine to which it is connected. You cannot talk, eat or do anything naturally because the discomfort and pain you feel requires the administration of sedatives and painkillers to ensure tolerance to the tube.

During the time the patient needs the machine to breathe, he will be in an induced coma, that is, in an artificial coma.

In 20 days with this treatment, a young patient will have a loss of muscle mass of 40% and the subsequent re-education will be 6 to 12 months, associated with severe trauma to the mouth or vocal cords. It is for this reason that the elderly or people fragile in their health do not last. If you have read this message so far, we would appreciate it if you shared it so that we can all take it seriously now that it is coming out again. Follow the instructions and remember that you need to be taken much more seriously.

This pandemic ends when the vaccine is found, NOT BEFORE.

Thank you for spreading it.

Grandma’s apron

The first purpose of grandmother’s apron was to protect her underwear.

Then … it served as a glove to remove the pan from the stove …

It was wonderful to dry the tears of the grandchildren and also to clean their dirty faces.

From the chicken coop, the apron was used to transport the eggs and, sometimes, the chicks.

When visitors arrived, the apron served to protect shy children.

When it was cold, it served grandmother as a coat.

This old apron was an agitated bellows, to revive the fire.

It was in it that she took the potatoes and dry wood to the kitchen.

From the garden, it served as a basket for many vegetables, after picking the peas, it was time to collect turnips and cabbages.

And by the arrival of Autumn, she used it to pick up fallen apples.

When visitors came, unexpectedly, it was surprising to see how quickly this old apron could dust.

When it was time for the meal, from the balcony, the grandmother waved her apron and the men, working in the field, knew immediately that they had to go to the table.

Grandma also used it to take the apple pie out of the oven and put it in the window to cool.

It will be many years before any other invention or object can replace my grandmother’s old apron.

In memory of our grandmothers!

(Free translation and adaptation of a text, in Castilian, in CITAS LITERÁRIAS)

3 things in life

In life, three things never go back: time, words and opportunities.

There are three things you should not miss: patience, hope and dignity.

Three things that are worth more than any other: love, principles and trust.

Three are the least reliable things in the world: power, luck and prosperity.

Three things define a person: honesty, work and results.

Three things destroy a person: remorse, pride and anger.

Three things are difficult to say: I love you, I forgive you and help me.

Three things give value to a person: sincerity, effort and consistency.

Life often offers us many opportunities … But we are always so busy that we don’t realize it. Life is precious. We have to remember to fully live all its tones.

Curious World

Curious World
More than half of the United States coasts are in Alaska.
The Amazon Forest supplies more than 20% oxygen to the Earth.
The Amazon River releases so much water into the Atlantic Ocean that, more than 160 km from its mouth, fresh water can be found.
The volume of water in the Amazon River is greater than that of the eight rivers that follow it in size together, and three times greater than that of all the rivers of the United States together.
Antarctica is the only part of our planet that does not belong to any country. 90% of the planet’s ice covers Antarctica. This ice also represents 60% of all fresh water in the World.
Although 99.6% of its surface is covered with ice, Antarctica is the driest place on the planet, with an absolute lower humidity than that of the Gobi Desert.
Brazil got its name from the nut that exists there, not the other way around.
Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world. Canada is an indigenous word that means “big town”.
After Warsaw, Chicago has the largest number of Polish in the world.
Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, was the world’s first paved road.
Damascus is the oldest city in the world and was already a thriving city two thousand years before the founding of Rome in 753 BC.
Istanbul is the only city in the world built on two continents.
The full name of Los Angeles is “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Ángeles de la Porciúncula” and is generally abbreviated to 3.63% of its size: “LA”.
The term “Big Apple” was used by musicians who played jazz in the 1930s. They used the word “Apple” to refer to any city or town in which they played.
There are no natural lakes in the State of Ohio, they are all man-made.
There are more Irish people in New York than in Dublin, more Italians than in Rome and more Jews than in Tel Aviv.
The smallest island that has the status of an independent country is Pitcairn, in Polynesia, with only 4.53 km2 of surface.
The first city to reach a population of one million was Rome, in 133 B.C. There is at least one city with the name of Rome on each continent.
Siberia contains more than 25% of the world’s forests.
The smallest sovereign entity in the world is the “Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta” (S.M.O.M), better known as The Order of Malta. It is located in the city of Rome, has a surface of two tennis courts and a population of 80 people.
In the Sahara desert there is a village called Tidikelt, in Algeria, which has not received a drop of rain in 10 years.
The name of Spain literally means “land of rabbits”.
Colombia has the highest coastal mountain in the world, at 5,770m above sea level. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
The probability of finding an unpaved road in the United States is 1%. In Canada it is 0.75%.
The biggest man-made hole is the “Kola Superdeep Borehole” in Russia. It has a depth of 12 km and was drilled for scientific investigations, in which an immense hydrogen deposit was discovered.
The interstate system “Eisenhower”, in the USA, requires that one in every five miles of road be straight. The purpose is that, in times of war and other emergencies, interstate highways can serve as airstrips.
The Salto do Anjo in Venezuela, is the highest waterfall in the world, having a height of 979 m, 15 times higher than that of Niagara.
“Å” means “river” in 3 Scandinavian languages. There are 7 villages in Norway and one in Sweden with this name.
Hulunbuir, with 263,935 km2, is the largest municipality in the world. It is a province in Inner Mongolia, China, ruled by a councilor.
San Marino, founded in the year 301, is the oldest constitutional republic in the world.
The end

This post was based on the PowerPoint “Mundo curioso” that you can find it here: I do not know who was the author!

Be “left” or “right” wing

The original text is in French…

It was freely translated into English …

It is interesting and I share it with the idea of debate. Each one will seek the ideas they want…

  • Left or right? Let’s see:

When a right-wing person doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy them.

When a left-wing person does not like weapons, he wants them to be banned.

When a right-wing person is vegetarian, he does not eat meat.

When a left-wing person is vegetarian, he wants to campaign against
products based on animal proteins.

When a right-wing person is homosexual, he lives his life peacefully as

When a left-wing person is homosexual, it upsets everyone so that everyone
respect it.

When a right-wing person is harmed at work, it reflects on the way
out of this situation and act accordingly.

When a left-wing person is harmed at work, he complains
for the discrimination he was subjected to.

When a right-wing person doesn’t like a debate broadcast on television,
turns the TV off or changes the channel.

When a left-wing person does not like a debate broadcast on television,
he wants to pursue justice to the fools who say those foolish things. If
where appropriate, a defamation complaint always works well.

When a right-wing person is an atheist, he does not go to church, synagogue or mosque.

When a left-wing person is an atheist, he wants no mention of God or any
religion being made in public, except Islam.

When a right-wing person needs health care, he goes to a doctor and then buys the prescription drugs.

When a left-wing person needs health care, he goes to the national solidarity.

When the economy is going badly, the right-wing person thinks that what is needed is to roll up your sleeves and work harder.

When the economy is going badly, the left-wing person says that the rascals of the owners are responsible and they steal the country.


“The penalty for not participating in politics is to end up being governed
by people inferior to you. ” – Plato