Memory: The origins of Alien

The Alien movies are among my personal favorites… This franchise it’s amazingly powerful…. From its origin, to the art of H. R. Giger and now this documentary brings a bit more light into the darkness of this realm!

If you’re also an Alien fan, like myself, this documentary it’s mandatory!

Where to invade next

Well, ever since “Bowling for Columbine” was released, I really got into Michael Moore’s documentaries!

I’ve wanted to see tis one for quite a while, but sometimes we just don’t make time for it… And so, in this Covid-19 quarantine, I got to see it and, off course, loved it…

“It’s funny ’cause it’s true” it’s an excellent quote for this one!

Michael Moore outdone himself, with hilarious situations and just giving it an edge for people think about it, really think about it…

Thank you, Mr. Moore and keep giving the US and the World a bit more to think about than we usually get to…

When we rise

What a powerful, strong and real story that “When we rise” mini série brings to us all,

Fighting for our rights, fighting fir what we believe, fighting for a universal World, is the key to validate us as humans!

This story was overwhelming with feelings: fear, struggle, believe, fight, hate, love… All the feelings that show us we are human beings, that we are all equal!

After watching it until the last episode, I feel freer, believing in all of us, hoping that union will become the ultimate decision!

Watch it, and believe in you!