“Hug”,”Kiss”&”I love you”, in Portuguese sign language

“Dear Friends, this playful singing was made for Children. To teach them how to say “hug”, “kiss” and “I love you”, without touching. In Portuguese sign language. It’s there! For those who want to have time, a little bit to have fun singing and choreographing.
How about learning together (and challenging others), recording and sending, this sweet weekend, to the Lovers of Your Life who don’t live together?
Says who recorded it had a light and happy time, around the House …
Do you take the risk?! “

Elsa Almeida

The silence

Wherever you are, be the soul of that place …
Arguing does not feed.
Complaining does not resolve.
Revolt does not help.
Despair doesn’t light up.
Sadness leads to nothing.
Tear does not replace sweat.
Irritation intoxicates.
Desertion worsens.
Slander always responds with the worst.
For all ills, there is only one medicine of proven efficiency.
Continue in peace, understanding, helping, waiting for the wise contest of Time, in the certainty that what is not good for others will not be good for us …
Injured people hurt people.
Healed people, heal people.
Loved people, love people.
Transformed people, transform people.
Boring people upset people.
Bitter people, bitter people.
Sanctified people, sanctifies people.
Who I am interferes directly with those around me.
Wake up…
Cover yourself with Gratitude, fill yourself with Love and start over …
Whatever blessing is in your life, God will give you, and what is not, he will free you!
A beautiful day is not always a sunny day …
But it is certainly a peaceful day.

Chico Xavier

Math is cool …


A mother is 21 years older than her son. Six years from now the mother will have an age 5 times that of the child.

Question: Where is the father now? Yes, you did not read wrong … where is the Father?

Some calculations have to be done to get the answer!
Incredible as it may seem the answer is given by mathematics!

See the answer below… it’s very interesting:


Looking Today:

The mother is now Y years old
The boy is now X years old
So with the mother 21 years older: Y = X + 21
6 years from now: (Y + 6) and (X + 6)
So with the mother 5 times older than her son: Y + 6 = 5 (X + 6)

Y + 6 = 5 X + 30
Y = 5X + 24
Then, replacing in the first equation = X + 21 we have:
5X + 24 = X + 21

-4X = 3
X = -¾

The boy is now -¾ years old, that is, – 9 months (minus nine months !!!).

The answer is logical:

If the boy is exactly nine months old, he will be born in nine months,


Answer to the proposed problem:

  • The father is now “eating” the mother, while you break your head !!!

Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!

Be happy or have reason?


Eight at night, on a busy avenue. The couple is already late to have dinner at a friend’s house. The address is new and she consulted on map before leaving. He drives the car. She guides and asks to turn, on the next street, on the left. He is sure it is on the right. They argue.

Realizing that in addition to being late, they could become moody, she let him decide. He turns right and realizes then that he was wrong.

Although with difficulty, he admits that heinsisted on the wrong way, while making the comeback. She smiles and says, no problem if they arrive a few minutes late. But he still wants to know:

– If you had so much sure that I was going the wrong way you should have insisted a little more…

And she says,

– Between being right and being happy, I’d rather be happy. We were on the verge of a discussion, if I insisted more, we would have spoiled the night!


This little story was told by a business woman during a lecture on simplicity in the world of work. She used the scene to illustrate how much energy we spend just to show that we are right, regardless of whether you are or not. Since I heard this story, I have often wondered,

‘Do I want to be happy or right?’

Another similar thought says:

‘Never justify yourself, friends don’t need and enemies don’t believe.’