An international research group led by Associate Professor Tomoaki Ishiyama of Chiba University succeeded in the world’s largest dark matter structure formation simulation using all CPU cores of the national astronomical observatory supercomputer “Atelui II”, and simulated more than 100 terabytes. The data has been published on the Internet cloud. Currently, large-scale astronomical survey observations using the Subaru Telescope of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan are underway, but in order to extract and verify a lot of information from the observations, a huge simulated catalog of galaxies and active galactic nuclei is required. This data is positioned as basic data for that purpose, and will be useful for research aimed at elucidating the large-scale structure of the universe and galaxy formation.
The results of this study were published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society published by the Royal Astronomical Society of the United Kingdom in September 2021.

Simulation: Tomoaki Ishiyama
Visualization: Hirotaka Nakayama
National Astronomical Observatory 4D Digital Space Project

[Press release]
The world’s largest “simulated universe” is released-Toward the elucidation of the large-scale structure of the universe and galaxy formation-


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