Millionaire tells demolish hometown to build luxury condo as a thank you

They have stories that can put smiles on our faces. The attitude of the Chinese billionaire Xiong Shuihua is a fine example.

Often movies and the media sell the image of wealthy entrepreneurs as selfish, arrogant and greedy men. Xiong is nothing like that. On the contrary.

Instead of spending his fortune only with mansions, yachts and big cars, the Chinese did something really beautiful.

This is Shuihua Xiong, an entrepreneur who made his fortune in the steel construction industry.

He was born in the humble village of Xiongkeng in the city of Xinyu in southern China

The image above shows how the region was a few years ago. That’s when Xiong spent his childhood, where he always received support from the community to not be in want.

After enrich, Xiong decided he needed to thank … and words were not enough for him.

The steel billionaire demolished all the houses in the village precarious conditions. Instead he built a luxury condominium for all residents living there.

Five years ago the people of Xiongkeng lived in very basic homes. Therefore, the new condo images show a luxurious standard against which they were accustomed.

Today 72 families take advantage of the new dwelling with a much higher quality of life.

The project cost $ 7.4 million was not only the best homes …

… Xiong also promised three meals for the elderly and people with low income of the village.

“I made more money than I know what to do with it, and I did not forget my roots,” said the entrepreneur to the Daily Mail

. “I always wanted to pay my debts, and make sure that those who helped me when I was young would be compensated for goodness they did.”
Attitudes like this inspire my day … and yours?

Unfortunately we are living in a time when it is easier to see people always seeking personal gain than helping those in need. Stories like this inspire my day.

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