The two nuns

Two nuns left the convent to sell cookies

One was known as: Math Sister.

The other as: Logical Sister.

It is getting dark and we are still far from the convent! – Sister Mathematics says with concern.

And have you noticed that a man has been following us for half an hour? Says Sister Logic, apprehensive.

Yes, what does he want?

Of course, he only wants one thing: to abuse us!

Oh no ! If we continue at this pace it will reach us in less than 5 minutes. We have to speed up the pace!

But it is not working because he did the only logical thing to do: he also started walking faster!

And now what are we going to do?

The only logical thing that remains for us to do is to separate. Sister goes this way and I go the other way. So he will not be able to follow both.

So the man decided to follow Sister Logic.

Sister Mathematics arrived at the convent worried about what might have happened to Brother Logic and began to pray non-stop.

After a long time, Sister Logica arrives.

Logic Sister! Thank God it arrived! Tell me what happened?

The logical thing happened, didn’t you, Sister? The man could not follow us at two and chose to follow me.

Yes, but what happened next?

-The logical! I started running faster and he ran as fast as he could too.

And the logical thing happened again: he caught up with me.

Oh my God ! And what did you do?

I did the logic, I lifted my habit.

Oh Sister! And what did the man do?

He also did the logic: he unbuttoned his jacket and pulled his pants down.

Oh no ! And what happened next?

Isn’t it obvious Sister? A nun with a raised habit can run much faster than a man with his pants down.

And you, what did you think?
There are already 20 Hail Marys as penance.

Taken from the PowerPoint, of unknown author:

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