We are the World

In early 2020, the 35th anniversary of “We Are The World” was celebrated. A song that was idealized by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, recorded in January 1985 by 45 of the biggest names in North American music, in the project known as USA For Africa.

Watch the video and see how the singers are doing … some have already left us!

Doors of the World

Prague Siroka 96
Prague, Czech Republic
Dragon Door at Krumlov House, Czechia
Brewery street in Prague
Art Nouveau – Maison ‘aux Grenouilles – Bielsko Biała – Pologne
Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal
Portal of the Monastery of Batalha, Batalha, Leiria, Portugal
Jeronimos monastery Lisbon – Portugal
Gdansk , Poland
Art Nouveau Door – Krakow, Poland
Gdansk, Poland
Bucharest, Romania
Bucharest, Romania
Art Deco Door – Ystad, Sweden
Helsinki , Finland
Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s more than a piece of wood-jaw drops.
Viking Door, Stockholm, Sweden
Dresden, Saxony, Germany
Art Nouveau door-Berlin
Hamburg , Germany
Art Nouveau in Brussels
Den Haag, Holland
Canterbury. England  built in 1647
Wirksworth, England
Dublin, Ireland
Louvre door, Paris
Paris at 29 Avenue a few steps from the Eiffel Tower
ANGELS GUARD THEE. Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France.
Venice, Italy
Naples, Italy
Pistoia, Italy
La Spezia, Liguria, Italy
La Spezia, Liguria, Italy
Barcelona ,  Roger de Llúria 010
Barcelona – Tapioles 012
Art nouveau door, casa Reus, Spain
Milan, Italy
Blue Door, Venice, Italy
Crete, Greece
Beyazıt, Istanbul
Art Nouveau door in Istanbul, Turkey
Balat, Istanbul
Green Door Istanbul
Kabardinka, Russia
Kremlin of Ryaza, Russian
Dacha carved doors, Russia
Door in Russia
Staraya Ladoga, Russia
Doors in Rostov, Russia
Khiva, Uzbekistan
Tatarstan, Russia
Shanghai, China
China Wrought Iron, Iron Door …
Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India
Blue door in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India
Monkey Temple’ (Swayambunath Stupa), Kathmandu, Nepal
Bali, the Asian Art Museum
Royal door, Bangkok,
Sing Buri, Thailand
Putrajaya Malaysia
Persian entrance
Intricate Door, Jerusalem, Israel
In Israel there is a city of blue-doors and a history touching upon some of the greatest Jewish mystical schools.
Jaffa, İsrail
Cairo, Egypt
There are big doors and small doors. Wisdom is knowing which one to take, when. In Tunis, Tunisia
Dogon people of Mali
Dogon door, Mali
Africa , Dogon door, Mali
Taroudant, Morocco
Fez, Morocco
Yoruba people of northern Ekiti Region of Nigeria
Harbel, Liberia
Bell Tower Door Westminster School Atlanta GA
Main Door, Mission San Jose, San Antonio, Texas
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico
Puebla, Mexico
Medellin Colombia.
Havana, Cuba

Based from the PowerPoint: https://slideplayer.com/slide/14399896/ by Superman Tedja


An amazing documentary about an outstanding artist, the one and only Whitney Houston!

I was overblown by her story… She was born to become a superstar… The voice, the entertainment, the music, the movie… Everything looked easy, because of her unique talent!

But like they say, the brightest flame burns quicker, unfortunately for us all…

Nonetheless she still lives and will live forever through her art, her voice, her joy, her legacy, her purest love to music 🎶

Thank you Nippy!

Uncle Frank

What a truly amazingly simple but overwhelming beautiful story turned into a beautiful film!

Paul Bettany it’s brilliant as Frank, the uncle of this story, with its over the top niece (Sophia Lillis) and the always happy with life boyfriend (Peter Macdissi), brings all performances to a higher level… We mingle with the story as if we’re living it too!

It’s films like this one that still makes us believe that cinema it’s still truly art!

Go watch it!