Excelent way to discover vocations!

Brick Method for Hiring Employees

The method consists of:

1- Place all candidates in a warehouse
2- Make 200 bricks available for each one.
3- Don’t give any guidance on what to do.
4- Lock them there.

After six hours, go back and check what you’ve done.
Below is the analysis of the results:

1 – Those who counted the bricks, hire them as Accountants.

2 – Those who counted and then recounted the bricks are Auditors.

3 – Those who scattered the bricks are Engineers.

4 – Those who have arranged the bricks in a very strange way, difficult to understand, place them in the Production Control Planning, Projects and Implementation.

5 – Those who are throwing bricks at each other, place them in Operations.

6 – Those who are sleeping, put them in Security.

7 – Those who have chopped the bricks into pieces and are trying to assemble them again, should go straight to Information Technology.

8 – Those who are sitting around doing nothing or chatting, go to Human Resources.

9 – Those who say that they did everything to reduce the stock, but the competition is unfair and it will be necessary to think about greater facilities, are natural Sellers.

10 – Those who have already left are Administrators.

11 – Those who are looking out the window with their gaze lost in infinity, are responsible for Strategic Planning.

12 – Those who are talking to each other with their hands in their pockets demonstrating that they have not even touched the bricks and would never do that, greet them with great respect and place them in the Board.

13 – Those who built a wall and hid behind are from the Marketing Department.

14 – Those who claim not to see any bricks in the warehouse are lawyers, refer them to the Legal Department.

15 – Those who complain that the bricks “are rubbish, without identification, without standardization and with wrong measurements”, place them in Quality Control.

Yours sincerely,

The Chief Psychologist

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