Supernova is a star that reaches its peak and explodes into billions of small particles that will become life in another part of the cosmos.
This film takes us on a journey of love, sharing, remembering, wanting, leaving… And it leads us to an interior supernova.
A beautiful and pure love written in the stars of the night, in the Milky Way that not only encompasses the heavenly vault but is also inscribed in the core of each one of us!
The beauty of the photography in this film is idyllic, the landscapes are breathtaking, so beautiful and poetic the way they are screened to us and the soundtrack lulls us into a story shared by the road not only of the journey itself but also of the journey of Life!
The intensity of the story is sometimes stifling, as we feel so much in the skin of each of the protagonists, Sam and Tusker!
The brilliant work of the actors, Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci is chilling… The faithful delivery of a story that can be as real as it is vivid!
A delight and a grip are feelings that pervade us at the end of this film.
I do recommend it.

“We will not starve for lack of wonders, but from lack of wonder.”


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