Mysteries of Nature – fantastic

You will see something fantastic

Looks like a Teletubbie?
It looks like a man’s face. We can clearly see the eyes, nose, mouth and beard …
Does this seem to you a prehistoric giant?
Iceberg … looks like a horse trying to get out of the water – Awesome!
Did anyone have the ability to carve this by hand? FANTASTIC.
Cat … Amazing!
Crab Island!
Astronomical … the face is clearly visible. That seems like a person thinking…
Looks like a woman reclined, with one leg bent…
Another woman reclined, looking at the sea?
Hmmm, how strange! – Is it an Alien or something?
Is it true that it looks like a human face?

Yes. However, the effect is surprising if we rotate the photo 90º.
The striking resemblance of the mountain mass to a gigantic human face, adorned with Indian costumes; its formation was hardly made with human hands.
Then, in the publication of this photo, the members of the international scientific community concluded the theory about its origin from an alleged extraterrestrial civilization.
A human face
The resemblance between this island and a puzzle piece is tremendous.
Is the great similarity between the photo and a dolphin casual?
It’s curious, isn’t it?
In 1986, on the island of Faial in the Azores, a gigantic storm occurred. In Horta Bay (mythical port), waves of 15 to 20 meters reached the coast. A photographer takes a series of photos to immortalize them. Two years later he realized that he photographed Neptune’s face. The photo cross the World (the cliff on the image is about 70 meters high).
How about this elephant?
And these rocks praying to heaven.
Beware for the crocodile!!!!!
A fish coming out of the sea.
A camel leaning on the Grand Canyon, Colorado.
A giant hare drinking sea water.

It was worth seeing … Wasnt’ it?

Taken by the PowerPoint translated by Tadeusz Roman from Spanish.

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Caño Cristales, a river that fled from Paradise

Eva van den Berg
Olivier Grunewald Photography
Caño Cristales is a river called “the most beautiful in the World”. It was even called “the river that escaped from Paradise”!
It is located in the Sierra de la Macarena, in the National Park and municipality of the same name, in the departments of Meta, Colombia.
It is a short river, only 100km, and with a 20m wide channel, hence, according to the traditional language of the region, it is called a pipe.
The river also called the 5 colors, take this pigmentation because the stones are covered with moss and algae.
Yellow, blue, green, black and red, are five scandalous (vibrant) colors, which are explained by the presence of algae of different colors that make this canyon a visual wonder.
The color red is due to a plant called Macarenia clavigera.
When the water level reaches the sweet spot, the moss and the algae bloom with bright colors, giving its character to the river.
The rocks over which the river speaks, generate small circular pools called giant pans, which have been caused by the impact of some harder material.
When deposits of material are produced or the rock lasts within a slight concavity, the turbulence of the water creates a swirl…
…that makes it spin together with this hard material in suspension, producing strong abrasion and even digging puddles.
The best time of year to visit the rivers is during the Summer from June to November, as the colors turn out to be the most intense, as a result of the rains.

Based on a PowerPoint of which I do not know its author.

Autograph of God

Autograph is the original signature, handwritten by the author of some work.
Anyone who delves into the knowledge of art can, when admiring a canvas, affirm its author and even identify, if applicable, which period of that artist’s artistic life corresponds.
Whoever writes a book is defined by a way of writing and,
from there, it will become known. Naturally, he puts his name on the work.
But, more than that, it is identified by the style and the way in which it develops its thinking, when transposing it to paper.
Each artist has his own unique way of identifying himself in his work.
And that is how He is known and admired by His productions through the ages, when our eyes are ecstatic before nature.
When our ears are delighted by the sounds of the singing rivers, by the murmur of the tiny fountains, by the waters that flow down the slopes, pouring loudly from heights;
When the wind flutters a song between the branches or violently shakes the trees.
When the Sun is painted gold and everything fills with light where it spreads.
When the sky becomes a thousand, indefinable shades, in an indescribable dawn.
When all this happens, day after day, we look for the Author and Its signature.
The incredible thing about the grandiose is the tiny things.
Everything obeying the same care, tells us about the quality of the Artist.
The diversity of tones and sounds speaks to us of a superlatively creative Someone, since billions of years ago he has not repressed a sunset, nor the crystal of a dewdrop, nor the combination of twittering from the past.
Every day everything is different. The Sun returns, the clouds stretch, the prairie extends, lengthening its patchwork of different colors, embroidered here and there with small flowers … but nothing is the same.
The leaves of the trees are in greater or lesser numbers, the symphony of the waters has just been composed, the birds swing in other branches.
Yes, the Artist responsible for the day and night concert is extraordinary.
Men say they have never seen Him, but everyone can admire His work, even those who deny His existence.
This unparalleled Artist signs the delicacy of the mornings with the brush of dawn.
We can discover His autograph on the firmament screen, in the brightness of the stars.
He is so big, that the canvas on which He creates His wonders is expanding.
But where this Artist places His most special signature is in the essence of each of the children He created.
He is in each one of us and is called Immortality.
Think about it, you are God’s most special autograph.
Text: Redação Momento Espírita
Pictures: Internet
Formatting: Amélia Soares (

This was based on a PowerPoint made by Amélia Soares. Thank you for sharing this piece of Its Autograph with us all! Better watched listening to “Stardust” by the one and only Mr. Nat King Cole! 🙏