Too beautiful

May God forbid me to lose ROMANTICISM, even though I know roses don’t speak…
May I not lose my OPTIMISM, even knowing that the future that awaits us may not be so happy…
May I not lose the WILL TO LIVE, even though life is, in many moments, painful…
May I not lose the desire to HAVE GREAT FRIENDS, even though I know that, as the world goes around, they end up leaving our lives…
May I not lose the desire to HELP PEOPLE, even though I know that many of them are incapable of seeing, recognizing, and giving back, this help…
May I not lose BALANCE, even though I know that countless forces want me to fall…
May I not lose the WILL TO LOVE, even though the person I love the most may not feel the same feeling for me…
May I not lose the LIGHT AND SHINE IN THE EYES, even knowing that many things I will see in the world will darken my eyes…
May I not lose GRIP, even knowing that defeat and loss are two extremely dangerous opponents…
May I not lose REASON, even though I know that the temptations of life are countless and delicious…
May I not lose the FEELING OF JUSTICE, even knowing that the harmed one may be me…
May I not lose my STRONG EMBRACE, even knowing that one day my arms will be weak…
May I not lose the BEAUTY AND JOY OF SEEING, even knowing that many tears will spring from my eyes and run down my soul…
May I not lose LOVE FOR MY FAMILY, even though I know that it would often require incredible efforts to maintain its harmony…
May I not lose the desire to DONATE THIS HUGE LOVE that exists in my heart, even though I know that it will often be submitted and even rejected…
May I not lose my desire to BE BIG, even though the world is small… And above all…
May I never forget that God loves me infinitely!
That a small grain of joy and hope within each one is capable of changing and transforming anything, because…

Taken from an amazing PowerPoint of which I do not know who the author is.

Woodstock 99: Peace, Love and Rage

Music has and will always be the art that can bring people together, make them feel unified, and believe in themselves…

Watching this documentary blew my mind… How can something so pure become this rage, this warzone that Woodstock99 became?!…

Everyone who enjoys music must watch this documentary, so each one can have a possibility of questioning itself about these facts, this monstrosity, this need to rage against each other… And finally, see it as the documentary it is, about a specific festival, and what should never ever happen again!

Let love rule with music, always!

There’s a festival grounds in Germany, it was literally built by Hitler. And we’ve played there a bunch of times, it’s a great venue, lots of fun. The airbase was less hospitable than the venue built by Nazis.


Kopi Luwak Coffee

From the coffee plantation to your cup, in photos

Peasants collect red coffee beans by hand on the plantations. (Photo: UletIfansasti/GettyImages)
The farmers carefully select the best coffee beans by hand. (Photo: Ulet Ifansasti/GettyImages)
The best coffee beans, ready to be served as a meal to the civet. (Photo: UletIfansasti GettyImages)
The civet, a small animal similar to the raccoon or the weasel, is the main protagonist in the Kopi Luwak production process. (Photo: Ulet Ifansasti/GettyImages)
A group of civets are fed coffee beans during the complex kopi luwak production process. (Photo: Ulet Ifansasti/GettyImages)

To obtain the kopi luwak, the civet must be fed with the ripe fruit of the coffee plantations and, then, collect its feces to remove the already digested but still whole grains. (Photo: Ulet Ifansasti/GettyImages)
A worker cleans the feces of the civet to remove the already digested but still whole grains. (Photo: UletIfansasti/GettyImages)
The feces of the civet are collected to remove the grains already digested but still whole. (Photo: UletIfansasti/GettyImages)
Once the civet’s feces have been collected, it is carefully broken up to separate the coffee beans. (Photo: UletIfansasti/GettyImages)
The gastric juices of the civet break down the proteins that make the grains traditionally bitter and make them sweeter. (Photo: UletIfansasti/GettyImages)
A worker washes the coffee beans after they have been extracted from the civet’s feces. (Photo: UletIfansasti/GettyImages)
Once washed, the beans are dried. (Photo: UletIfansasti/GettyImages)
The coffee beans are only lightly roasted, so as not to spoil the complex flavors that have developed during the digestive process. (Photo: UletIfansasti/GettyImages)
Ready to eat: a cup of kopi luwak can cost $40 and a half-kilo bag can sell for between $100 and $400. (Photo: Don MacKinnon/GettyImages)
As rich as it is exclusive: only between 300 and 400 kilos per year of kopi luwak are produced. (Photo: DonMacKinnon/GettyImages)

Author: jose

Kid 90

I really, really enjoyed this documentary! It can bring us way back up ’til the ’90s!

OK, I might be one of the fewest people in the world who didn’t know Soleil Moon Frey, sorry about that!

Nonetheless, the documentary it’s great… All that footage taken by her and her friends deserved to be delivered back to the light!

And you will find also lots of actors, actresses that are now at their peak or where!

It is on ode to friends, to life, and to the ’90s.

And after that, listen to the beautiful original song of the one and only Linda Perry… It is absolutely overwhelming, heartfelt, and pitch-perfect! It sums up the documentary in a way that it deserved an Oscar.

“Here I am, facing myself
Peeling away emotions I felt
Wouldn’t change a moment of my life
So many walked through these doors
Falling through windows to so much more
We held onto each other to get by
Put up a fight
Enough is enough
We were just kids
Falling in love
Trying to play a game we couldn’t win
So, where are you now?
Where were you then?
Do you belong?
Have you found a true friend?
And who you making love with along the way?
I’ve been fearless
Trying to be strong
Yeah, I’ve been living on the edge
For so long
I’ve been waiting for light
To show me the way
Help me piece it together, frame by frame
I’m holding on
Watching my past
The ones that made it
And the ones that couldn’t last
It’s all right here
I wrote it to myself
What I wanted wasn’t crazy
All I needed was some light
In my life”


An astonishing trip back to the mid-’90s, with the one and only Alanis Morissette!

Watching this documentary was a thrilling experience… Hearing these tunes brought me back to a bunch of thrilling moments lived, laughed, cried, screamed at that particular point of my life!

She deserved every single love given by her fans, for she opened her heart with us all and gave a soundtrack to moments that made us who we are today!

It was a trip watching her backstory up until the moment Jagged little pill was written!

Girl power, no doubt about it, but foremost, pure energy transformed into timeless music!

Thank you very much, Alanis!

You nailed it!

You won!

Wise porcupines

Great truth…
“Wise porcupines”
During the ice age, many animals died from the cold. The porcupines, realizing this situation, decided to gather in groups. This way, they wrapped up and protected each other. But the thorns of each one hurt the closest companions, precisely those that provided heat. And so they drifted away from each other again.
They returned to freezing to death and needed to make a choice: they would disappear from the face of the Earth or accept the thorns of their fellow man.
Wisely, they decided to come back and be together.
Thus they learned to live with the small wounds that a very close relationship could cause since the most important thing was the warmth of the other.
They survived!
The best relationship is not one that unites perfect people, but one where everyone accepts the other’s faults and gets forgiveness for their own faults.

Priority Test

Imagine that five things happen simultaneously that need to be attended to.

  1. The phone is ringing.
  2. The baby is crying.
  3. Someone knocks on the door.
  4. There are fresh laundry hanging on the backyard clothesline and it starts to rain.
  5. Kitchen faucet is open and gushing water.

In what order do you solve the problems? Write down the order and see how you made the decision below. Each situation represents something in your life.

  1. The phone represents ………….. (your job or career).
  2. The baby represents ……………… (your family).
  3. The visitor represents ………….. (your friends).
  4. Washed clothes represent …….. (your sex life).
  5. Running water represents …….(money or wealth).

The result makes you think?…
Did it match your priorities?…
The clothes on the clothesline got all wet, didn’t they?…

A Teacher life

The teacher is always wrong.
He is young, he has no experience.
He’s old, he’s out of date.
He doesn’t have a car, he’s a poor man.
He has a car, he cries with his belly full.
He speaks out loud, spends his time screaming.
He speaks in a normal tone, doesn’t make himself heard.
He doesn’t miss classes, he is a candidate for the cardboard medal.
He needs to be absent, he’s out there doing tourism.
Talk to the other teachers, he’s hammering on the students.
Don’t talk, don’t care.
He gives a lot of material, he has no pity on the students.
He gives little material, he doesn’t prepare the students.
He plays with the gang, he has a craze that is funny.
He doesn’t play with the gang, he’s a pain in the ass.
It draws attention, it’s boring.
It doesn’t attract attention, it doesn’t know how to impose itself.
Take long tests, there’s no time.
Take short tests, take chances from students.
He sends writing a lot, he doesn’t explain.
Explains a lot, the notebook has nothing.
Speak correctly, no one understands him.
It speaks the “language” of the student, it has no vocabulary.
Demands, is rude.
Praise, is soft.
The student fails, he chased him.
The student is approved, he could also.
Life as a teacher is like that, from mistake to mistake, always trying to get it right!