And there you have it, an amazing Spanish movie, about the most one-of-a-kind basketball team!

The story reminds us about the struggles in life, but the most important of it all is how we can surpass them with hope and a lot of work! We just have to believe in ourselves. And all these actors are the proof of it!

Congratulations to each and every one of you: José de Luna, Sergio Olmo, Jesús Vidal, Gloria Ramos, Alberto Nieto Ferrández, Julio Fernández, Jesús Lago, Fran Fuentes, Roberto Chinchilla e Stefan López.

They had unique co-stars also: Javier Gutiérrez, Athenea Mata e Juan Margallo that helped bring to almost real-life this amazing movie!

All, and I reinforce the ALL of you out there must watch this one and rejoice with the beauty and performances of all these actors.


La vida es solo una… Vive hoy

gymnasium wall

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