Monster Hunter

Every time Milla Jovovich appears on a new movie trailer, I get into it ASAP…

She’s the real Hollywood badass of action movies, ever since the “Resident Evil” franchise began!

And with this new game-based movie instalment it’s pure action, pure adrenaline, funny, and she kicks some serious monster ass!

This is the kind of cinema I crave for on a Sunday evening, pure rush, pure adventure, amazing graphics and fantastic SCIFI fun! Ooooooh, and the monsters are really serious, one of a kind monsters, specially Nerscylla (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)…

If you like adventure, if you dare to confront some one of a kind monsters, go for it!

“Let’s do this” – Lt. Artemis

The Craft: Legacy

If you were one of those persons, back in 1996, who got bewitched by the four ladies of the original cult movie, you will definitely watch this new legacy film!

You will probably think it’s more of the same, three teenager witches, searching for the fourth element, in this case “water”, but as the movie gets more and more into its story, you’ll find out a lot of differences, especially on the way they think about magic and Manon!

So, if you are into witchcraft, and got into “The Craft” in the way that it became a cult movie, this one it is for you… If you haven’t watched the original, you’ll also get into it, but I recommend going find that piece of the 90s occult!

Uncle Frank

What a truly amazingly simple but overwhelming beautiful story turned into a beautiful film!

Paul Bettany it’s brilliant as Frank, the uncle of this story, with its over the top niece (Sophia Lillis) and the always happy with life boyfriend (Peter Macdissi), brings all performances to a higher level… We mingle with the story as if we’re living it too!

It’s films like this one that still makes us believe that cinema it’s still truly art!

Go watch it!

Wonder Woman 1984

She’s back, miss Diana Prince… And with a great action/adventure movie!

1984, a year to remember, not only in our lives, who lived it, but also after watching this film!

Gal Gadot it’s the ultimate Wonder Woman, no question about it, but if you care to wait a bit into the credits, you might get a good treat!

So, go watch it, it’s damn worth it!


Call me by your name

After finishing reading the book I had to rewatch this amazing film!

I have to say this, once more I think this was the movie who should have taken the Oscar for “Best Picture”, not only “ Best Adapted Screenplay ”… 

Nonetheless, the adaption it’s really phenomenal, and I really loved the book too…

A piece of art with a beautiful love story! Sigh!

A quiet place

When I heard about this movie and saw the trailer, it got my attention… But, like any horror movie, I was a bit nervous to watch it!

And way wrong was I… This is an excellent horror movie, where silence it’s the master ingredient…

Go watch it and feel the silence embrace you…