The Immortal Wars

An action/fantasy film, about humans and a superior race, the deviants, which have special abilities…

It could be a pretty cool film, but it lacks action, more empathy and a lot of special effects… I think that this film it’s a mark for what a story should be taken better directed!

I do liked a lot, this music from its soundtrack…. Hope you enjoy it too!


I do like to watch, from time to time, a catastrophe kind of films… From “2012”, to “The day after tomorrow”, and others, it’s a mixed emotion it brings… From the ‘WTF’, to the ‘that could really happen’ or even the ‘no way’, a lot of questions, feelings, emotions come to mind!

This one is a good one to watch during this pandemic times… Was sometimes a bit weird for me to watch lots of people together without wearing a mask… That’s nuts, I’m going nuts… Definitely…

Whatever, it’s an action film with lots of catastrophe moments to carry it on until the end… Or a new beginning… Watch it and make your own opinion!

The Witches


If you are one of those who realy wanted to see Anne Hathaway as the bad girl on a movie, I think you might watch this one! And Octavia Spencer ready to kick her a*s, pretty cool! 😉

Nonetheless, ii’s a movie to watch on a Sunday, cold, rainy afternoon…

Ooooooh, and you’ll love the mices! 😛

Time trap

Time trap: escape to the future

An adventure movie for those who also like a sci-fi twist to the story!

In my modest opinion, it could be way better, but still catches us.

It builds throughout the story, but needed some more into it, to fill some holes… It’s great not to tell everything, like “The Matrix” masterpiece, but not as much!

Watch it and see for yourself, so you can make your own opinion!


What an amazingly Portuguese movie! It’s the story of one of the greatest pop/folk Portuguese artist of the last century, AntĂłnio VariaçÔes!

He was a visionary, not only in music, mixing pop with fado, in a unique and original way, but with its persona, the way he lived, the way he became himself!

A must-watch to music fans and those of you wanting to know this oddly extraordinary Portuguese icon!

Oh, and congratulations to Sérgio Praia, with its iconic VariaçÔes performance!


Netflix really got itself in the film business, and so this sci-fi it’s one of its offerings… Io it’s one of Jupiter’s moon and also the name of one of Zeus human passion and so this film kind of get us lost into a bit of mythology thing… I think it had more potential than this final version gives us but, nonetheless, it’s a cool film for the sci-fi freaks out there!

I am Mother

In a dystopian future, a female android /robot becomes humanity last resource of a mother to a human child.

A movie with a very interesting story and with the ever amazing Hillary Swank side by side with a XXI century Sigourney Weaver, miss Rose Byrne!

An interesting and pleasant surprise!

Project Power

Let’s power up our inner…

Well, I do not want to spoil this, so, if you ant to finish the above sentence, go watch this movie and then you’ll find it to!

Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are great in their characters, but Dominique Fishback was mind blowing.

I do recommend this one!

El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie

“Yeah bitch!” Jesse Pinkman is back… Exactly where we left it at the end of the awesome Breaking Bad series finale.

If your a series fan, than this one is for you. If not, you might need a refreshment before watching this one.

And the moment the duo got together again on screen, that was a damn Breaking Bad moment!

What Good Is Being An Outlaw When You Have Responsibilities?