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Farmer Robert Duncan was born in Utah, USA, and began painting at the age of 11.
I am happy to offer you this magnificent post, which allows us to discover an artist with a remarkable talent.
The thought will surely come to your mind that the paintings you will see seem to be photos.
Enjoy the realism of these images.
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All pictures by Robert Duncan, from the Internet.

And do yourself a favor and go find the artist:

Thank you, Mr. Duncan!

Art and imagination

living statue is a performer who poses as a statue or mannequin, usually with realistic statue-like makeup, Performances are commonly on the street busking but may also be at events where the artist is paid. A living statue attraction, as a performance, is the artist’s ability to stand motionless and occasionally come to life to comic or startling effect.

Mysteries of Nature – fantastic

You will see something fantastic

Looks like a Teletubbie?
It looks like a man’s face. We can clearly see the eyes, nose, mouth and beard …
Does this seem to you a prehistoric giant?
Iceberg … looks like a horse trying to get out of the water – Awesome!
Did anyone have the ability to carve this by hand? FANTASTIC.
Cat … Amazing!
Crab Island!
Astronomical … the face is clearly visible. That seems like a person thinking…
Looks like a woman reclined, with one leg bent…
Another woman reclined, looking at the sea?
Hmmm, how strange! – Is it an Alien or something?
Is it true that it looks like a human face?

Yes. However, the effect is surprising if we rotate the photo 90º.
The striking resemblance of the mountain mass to a gigantic human face, adorned with Indian costumes; its formation was hardly made with human hands.
Then, in the publication of this photo, the members of the international scientific community concluded the theory about its origin from an alleged extraterrestrial civilization.
A human face
The resemblance between this island and a puzzle piece is tremendous.
Is the great similarity between the photo and a dolphin casual?
It’s curious, isn’t it?
In 1986, on the island of Faial in the Azores, a gigantic storm occurred. In Horta Bay (mythical port), waves of 15 to 20 meters reached the coast. A photographer takes a series of photos to immortalize them. Two years later he realized that he photographed Neptune’s face. The photo cross the World (the cliff on the image is about 70 meters high).
How about this elephant?
And these rocks praying to heaven.
Beware for the crocodile!!!!!
A fish coming out of the sea.
A camel leaning on the Grand Canyon, Colorado.
A giant hare drinking sea water.

It was worth seeing … Wasnt’ it?

Taken by the PowerPoint translated by Tadeusz Roman from Spanish.

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Uncle Frank

What a truly amazingly simple but overwhelming beautiful story turned into a beautiful film!

Paul Bettany it’s brilliant as Frank, the uncle of this story, with its over the top niece (Sophia Lillis) and the always happy with life boyfriend (Peter Macdissi), brings all performances to a higher level… We mingle with the story as if we’re living it too!

It’s films like this one that still makes us believe that cinema it’s still truly art!

Go watch it!