10 special places

10 Special Places, Worldwide!

1 – Rocas Baimbridgen – Galapagos – Ecuador

blue lagoon galapagos islands ecuador 10 lugares Gumps
This amazing place is in Ecuador and belongs to the Galapagos archipelago.
This unbelievable shallow water lagoon in the middle of the sea is a food court for millions of flamingos.

2 – Nyiragongo Crater – Africa

3 – Navagio Beach – Greece

4 – Havasu – Arizona Falls – USA

5 – Mont Saint Michel – France

6 – Death Valley – California – USA

7 – Pamukkale – Turkey

8 – The steps of India – India

9 – Blue Lake Cave – Bonito – Brazil

10 – Palau – Micronesia

An amazing compilation, even though there are other amazing places left out from this selection, which was not made by me, but had to be shared! Hope you enjoy it… And dream a bit for the next escape after this pandemic is over!

Godzilla vs Kong

When I saw the trailer of this sci-fi/action film I thought it would be a merge of two beasts fighting together with not as much story behind… Or if so, a story that did not fit quite in either universe franchise…

I was wrong, this movie brings the beasts fiercely against each other, but the story behind also merges the backstories of both Godzilla and King Kong!

It’s a beast of a film, not only because of the two fierce monsters but also in terms of special effects and back story!

A film to discover!