“Hug”,”Kiss”&”I love you”, in Portuguese sign language

“Dear Friends, this playful singing was made for Children. To teach them how to say “hug”, “kiss” and “I love you”, without touching. In Portuguese sign language. It’s there! For those who want to have time, a little bit to have fun singing and choreographing.
How about learning together (and challenging others), recording and sending, this sweet weekend, to the Lovers of Your Life who don’t live together?
Says who recorded it had a light and happy time, around the House …
Do you take the risk?! “

Elsa Almeida

15 brutally honest illustrations that show how sick today’s society is…

Art does not exist just to delight our eyes; art too fulfills the function of transferring ideas and provoking thoughts.” Austrian cartoonist Gerhard Haderer has been producing satirical illustrations for
decades, highlighting why today’s society is nowhere near be perfect.

The artist developed his realistic style when working as graphic designer and illustrator of advertising agencies in the beginning of his career. He had to undergo an operation due to cancer that he suffered in 1985 and was forced to abandon his dreams entrepreneurs and became an independent cartoonist and satirical illustrator. These are some of his best work.

1 – Today there are more deaths by selffies than by shark attacks
2 – “A stranger in the nest” – a prehistoric human!
3 – A piece of shit in a beautiful packaging, still going on
being shit.
4 – What we do to animals to get our food
5 – Dating in modern times
6 – How many are doing this
7 – Farewell to our daily privacy
8 – What makes the powerful fat
9 – Large companies stifle small ones
10 – Get your fake smile
11 – Family moments
12 – Childhood of modern times
13 – In which memory do you prefer to record life?
14 – Dreaming is good, but it won’t make you escape reality
15 – Education always has more power

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The T-Mobile dance


This happened at a London subway station.
It was a Monday morning and everyone went to work next
with redoubled energy.
70 dancers are mixed with passengers and these end up
interacting in the dances.

The “show” was planned and rehearsed for 8 weeks without the knowledge
the public.

11 years ago! #WOW