Jumanji: The next level

This one goes for all of you out there who love a great adventure movie and who are really into playing video games… This is the most similar thing to playing Tomb Raider!

And, the cherry on top of the cake, it’s when “Welcome to the Jungle” blasts on it… Guns N’ Roses are still alive and kicking!

For me was an awesome 2 hours! And so, I really hope you all can watch it and get into the adventure, with loads of laughs!


Since I was born music always was a part of me!

Like breathing, eating, caring (and so on), listening to music, feeling sounds, made me the person I am today!

Throughout my life, lots of songs came and gone, but some remain. Nothing new on this matter.

One that still stands, over and over again, it’s a song by favourite band, Guns N’ Roses.

The lyrics, the melody & the emotions all combined, made a masterpiece. And this is the masterpiece I am sharing!


Rock of Ages

Yesterday saw the extended version of this great movie!!!! Even though the new scenes bring not much to the original, still it’s one hell of a great musical movie with all those amazing ’80s & beginning of 90’s rock anthems!!!! Especially, of course, Paradise city by the one and only hard rock band, Guns N’ Roses!!!! #rockon