Kid 90

I really, really enjoyed this documentary! It can bring us way back up ’til the ’90s!

OK, I might be one of the fewest people in the world who didn’t know Soleil Moon Frey, sorry about that!

Nonetheless, the documentary it’s great… All that footage taken by her and her friends deserved to be delivered back to the light!

And you will find also lots of actors, actresses that are now at their peak or where!

It is on ode to friends, to life, and to the ’90s.

And after that, listen to the beautiful original song of the one and only Linda Perry… It is absolutely overwhelming, heartfelt, and pitch-perfect! It sums up the documentary in a way that it deserved an Oscar.

“Here I am, facing myself
Peeling away emotions I felt
Wouldn’t change a moment of my life
So many walked through these doors
Falling through windows to so much more
We held onto each other to get by
Put up a fight
Enough is enough
We were just kids
Falling in love
Trying to play a game we couldn’t win
So, where are you now?
Where were you then?
Do you belong?
Have you found a true friend?
And who you making love with along the way?
I’ve been fearless
Trying to be strong
Yeah, I’ve been living on the edge
For so long
I’ve been waiting for light
To show me the way
Help me piece it together, frame by frame
I’m holding on
Watching my past
The ones that made it
And the ones that couldn’t last
It’s all right here
I wrote it to myself
What I wanted wasn’t crazy
All I needed was some light
In my life”

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