The Matrix Resurrections

22 years ago, the cinema world was forever changed when The Matrix came out… I was blown away by the story, the concept, the special effects, the soundtrack… It was as if the perfect sci-fi movie was made!

The movie became a trilogy like it was meant to be from the beginning, with mixed opinions, not only by the so-called critics but especially by the fans. 4 years later, the trilogy was closed and forever meant that the cinematic matrix universe was closed (I need to make a reference to “Animatrix”, which was one hell of a ride into some pretty cool sidekick Matrix stories)!

2021 was blessed with a fourth Matrix movie, Matrix Revolutions…

And there you go, without further notice, I went into it again… I took the red pill almost blindfolded!

If you’re a fan of the original trilogy, this is the red pill you must take to be blown back into the Matrix!

Follow the white rabbit!

Art, films, books were all better! Originality mattered! You gave us Face-Zucker-suck and Cock-me-climatey-Wiki-piss-and-s***!

The Merovingian

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