Joe Bell

A must-see film. Reid Miller’s performance is astonishing and Mark Wahlberg too.

The only tiny detail that it could make it even better is a bit flaws during the story telling… But it still ca brings us to our knees with this true story.

And it made me write something about one of humanities worst nature, not accepting the diference… Sad but still so damn true…

One of the biggest scourges at school is bullying. The difficulty that human beings have in accepting the difference is something that transcends me. Why do we all have to be the same? Why is the supposed normality established in society? What is it really like to be normal?
Everything that escapes the conception of a hypocritical, selfish and individualistic society, which is governed by social position, not looking to talent, to the struggle for personal achievement where sometimes difficulties are disqualified, but by the need to focus at any cost, destroys many a dreams, many struggles and unfortunately many lives.
Some people have become parasites, as they tend to live with the urge to be known at all costs, whether for the values ​​he has, good and bad, or for the prominence of power, which adds nothing to their existence, just inflating their pedantry. They have nothing to give, but they think they are all that others need.
Unfortunately, and with the dawn of the Internet, of the idea of ​​a global village, of the union of all, the reverse side of the coin was and is being very hard. Each time an individual centrism is denoted, each one sees himself as better than the other, that only what he/she says and writes is the absolute truth, where opinion becomes the rule… And with all the risks that this entails, if lives are lost, the supposed normality is further delimited.
Normal is a person to be happy, normal is a person to live with others, normal is to live in line with nature, normal is to respect, normal is to live and let live, normal is to fight for human rights, normal is a powerful word that only it must so simply mean openness and respect.
Let us live our lives and let each other live theirs.
Respect, tolerance, acceptance, friendship, will… Words that must be part of each one of us.
Let us be happy in our oneness. We are unique and in this way we make humanity brighter and more beautiful.



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