A tight hug…

It’s a show of affection,
Tenderness and a lot of love!
It’s longing and tear,
But it’s also heat.
Hug is love
It’s wanting to cuddle
It’s feeling a friend
With all your attachment.
We can hug
One cause, one person.
Hug is hug:
is to belt and encircle
It’s not feeling space.
Embrace a cause
It’s what makes us feel
That whoever fights believes
And will never give up
Hug a child
It’s to convey affection,
It’s telling with arms
That it will never be alone.
Hug a friend
With all the fraternity
It’s like saying I’m here!
For all eternity.
Hug a great love
With all understanding
It unties all knots
And make a bond of union.
So let’s hug
A child, a cause,
A friend and our love?
It costs so little to hug…
Believe me, it doesn’t hurt!
“If we could be aware of how fleeting our lives are, maybe we would think twice about throwing away the opportunities we have to be and to make others happy!”

Just one more recommendation…

Whoever you are, you’re in the middle.
There are people in front of you and people behind you.

“Whoever plants, reaps.”

What you put into other people’s lives will come back to you.

Text: Received by email

Images from the Internet.

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