Justice Society: World War II

A few days ago I’ve watched this animated movie featuring Justice Society. As anyone can tell by its title, World War II was the background of this feature…

By then the war that now started in Ukraine was nothing but gossip and now it has begun…

It is unbelievable how mankind cannot use history to evolve and start believing in itself as a peaceful species, has a species that lives in a World surrounded by others, and has to be united to restore balance not just in itself but also with the environment and ecosystems.

This war only brings fear, disgust, and sadness…

Remembering this movie, which was very interesting, makes me hope superhumans could walk amongst us, helping these atrocities come to an end…

As we don’t have them, only in fantasy, we must unite in order to accomplish the peace we so desperately need!

I still hope this conflict can be terminated through diplomatic channels of dialogue, understanding, and respect.

Let’s make peace, not war!

Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Only today.

Steve Trevor

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