Altered Carbon: Resleeved

For those who are into Altered Carbon series, this movie brings back the challenge and adventure of its predecessor… So it’s a must-watch for the fans.

But, even though not a fan, it’s a great way to get into the story behind this science fiction world!

Terminator: Dark fate

Linda Hamilton coming back to the Terminator franchise it’s one hell of an awesome reason to watch this last movie about the end of the human era and the beginning of another one in which machines try to rule us…

Ad Arnold Swarzenegger to the bill and it’s over the top… A must watch!

Even though the critics try to tell us otherwise, it’s a movie that brings the right spots from the Terminator franchise. I really, really enjoyed watching it and I recomend it to anyone who likes this saga and sci-fi/adventures movies!

High life

Well, I wasn’t expecting this movie… After reading the synopsis I thought this movie was something else… It was not…

But still, seems like an European movie, rather than an American one and that’s pretty good.

For me, one of the best actings on Robert Pattinson acting career, even though I haven’t seen all his movies!

The Predator

Another movie from ths scifi/horror franchise!

I’ve always thought about Predator as the response to Alien! And, when the two franchises came together, it was cool to think, even though the two movies weren’t as good as the original ones.

Nonetheless, this new predator movie wasn’t the as good as the last one, which really brought the franchise to the greatness of the previous original movies.

If you like predator, you have to watch this one, but just because you’re a fan!

Still hoping a new one could be made, for bringing back the rage, the gore, the horror and the scifi of this franchise!