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An amazing story

The famous Italian diver, Enzo Majorca, swam in the warm waters of the Siracusa sea and chatted with his daughter Rossana, who had stayed on the boat.

Ready to submerge, he felt something tap lightly on his back. He turned and saw a dolphin. He realized then that he didn’t want to play, but to express something.

The animal dove and Enzo followed.

About 12 meters deep, trapped in an abandoned net, was another dolphin.

Majorca quickly asked her daughter to pick up her diving knives. In a few minutes the two managed to free the dolphin, which, at the limit of its strength, managed to emerge, emitting an “almost human scream” (so described Majorca).

A dolphin can only resist underwater for up to 10 minutes, then it drowns.

The freed dolphin, still stunned, was controlled by Enzo, Rossana and the other dolphin.

Then came the surprise: It was a dauphin, which soon gave birth to a baby.

The male circled them and, stopping in front of Enzo, touched his cheek (as if it were a kiss), in a gesture of gratitude… And they walked away.

Enzo Mallorca ended his speech saying: “Until man learns to respect and dialogue with the animal world, he will never be able to know his true role on this Earth.”

Natural Wonders by accident

  1. A path with history
    (Dark Hedges, Ireland)

It is a single stretch of road near Bregagh Armoy in County Antrim, Ireland. The beeches that protect the road have grown too close together, competing for the light. The trees were planted by a family to decorate the access to their Georgian mansion many years ago. Today, the road is one of the most photographed postcard in Ireland.

  1. The Gerlach Desert Geyser

Everything was pure aridity in the Gerlach area, near Nevada, until a group of men decided to drill insearch of water for their livestock and crops. What they found was thermal water that, since then, emanates from the rocky terrain, initiating a sedimentation process capable of forming a natural sculpture that looks more like a fantasy landscape. Today, it’s almost a tourist attraction, but it was all an accidental fluke.

  1. The wonderful remains of an ancient mining exploration
    (Las Médulas, Spain)

In the region of El Bierzo, in the province of León, there is an incredible natural place, although the curious mountain shapes were originated by the gold mining carried out by the Romans in that place.

  1. Tunnel modeled by train passage

This time, nature adapted to the passage of man in the form of a train. In a dense forest, along a railway track, a tunnel was formed that fits the train, a leafy gallery known as the “Tunnel of Love“!

  1. The landslide that gave birth to a paradise of scale

This time, the “accident” did not involve the hand of man, but the tireless work of Nature for hundreds or thousands of years.

A little over a century ago, in an area near Austin, Texas, an underground river (after having eroded a cavity for thousands of years) caused a landslide that gave way to a small sheltered oasis, with calm waters, a waterfall and vegetation which is seen as a completely unusual place.

The pool (Hamilton Pool) is surrounded by huge limestone slabs and decorated with stalactites, mosses and some bushes that grow hanging between the rocks. Today, it receives hundreds of visitors, especially in summer.

Taken from a PowerPoint presentation that can be found here

A big thank you to Linito for amazing work!