Woodstock 99: Peace, Love and Rage

Music has and will always be the art that can bring people together, make them feel unified, and believe in themselves…

Watching this documentary blew my mind… How can something so pure become this rage, this warzone that Woodstock99 became?!…

Everyone who enjoys music must watch this documentary, so each one can have a possibility of questioning itself about these facts, this monstrosity, this need to rage against each other… And finally, see it as the documentary it is, about a specific festival, and what should never ever happen again!

Let love rule with music, always!

There’s a festival grounds in Germany, it was literally built by Hitler. And we’ve played there a bunch of times, it’s a great venue, lots of fun. The airbase was less hospitable than the venue built by Nazis.



An astonishing trip back to the mid-’90s, with the one and only Alanis Morissette!

Watching this documentary was a thrilling experience… Hearing these tunes brought me back to a bunch of thrilling moments lived, laughed, cried, screamed at that particular point of my life!

She deserved every single love given by her fans, for she opened her heart with us all and gave a soundtrack to moments that made us who we are today!

It was a trip watching her backstory up until the moment Jagged little pill was written!

Girl power, no doubt about it, but foremost, pure energy transformed into timeless music!

Thank you very much, Alanis!

You nailed it!

You won!


What a story, what a life, what an icon, what a musician, what a WOMAN!

Tina it’s a documentary with a mandatory visualization!

The life of Tina Turner it is a story which shows us that nightmarish relationship can not and will not define us, and most of all, dreams can come true!

I will not alongue this post any further because all need to watch this!

It’s the strength of a woman!

Thank you Tina, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your story with us all!



An amazing documentary about an outstanding artist, the one and only Whitney Houston!

I was overblown by her story… She was born to become a superstar… The voice, the entertainment, the music, the movie… Everything looked easy, because of her unique talent!

But like they say, the brightest flame burns quicker, unfortunately for us all…

Nonetheless she still lives and will live forever through her art, her voice, her joy, her legacy, her purest love to music 🎶

Thank you Nippy!