Of homosexuality & prejudices (under the name of God as an alibi!)

Recently, a famous US radio host stated that homosexuality was a perversion: “That’s what the Bible says in the book of Leviticus, chapter 18, verse 22: “You shall not lie with a man as you would lie with a woman: it would be an abomination.” The Bible addresses the issue thus. Period,” she said.
A few days later, a listener sent him an open letter that said:
«Thank you for putting so much fervor into educating people by the Law of God. I learn a lot listening to your program and I try to get people around me to listen to it too. However, I need some advice regarding other biblical laws.
For example, I would like to sell my daughter as a servant, as indicated in the Book of Exodus, chapter 21, verse 7. In your opinion, what would be the best price?
Leviticus also, in chapter 25, verse 44, teaches that I can own slaves, male or female, on condition that they are bought from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans but not Canadians. Could you clarify for me on this point?
Why can’t I own Canadian slaves?
I have a neighbor who works Saturdays. The Book of Exodus, chapter 35, verse 2, clearly says that he must be put to death. Do I have to kill him myself? Could you somehow calm me down in this kind of embarrassing situation?
Another thing: Leviticus, chapter 21, verse 18, says that we cannot go near the altar of God if we have problems with our eyesight. I need glasses to read. Would my eyesight have to be 100%? Would it be possible to revise this requirement in order to lower the limit?
One last piece of advice. My uncle does not respect what Leviticus, chapter 19, verse 19 says, planting two different types of crops in the same field, in the same way that his wife wears clothes made of different fabrics: cotton and polyester. Besides, he spends his days cursing and cursing. Will it be necessary to go to the end of the embarrassing process of bringing together all the villagers to cut my uncle and aunt, as prescribed in Leviticus, chapter 24, verses 10 to 16? Couldn’t one rather burn them alive after a simple private family gathering, as is done with those who sleep with close relatives, as indicated in the Holy Book, chapter 20, verse 14?
I fully trust your help.»

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This text was shared back in 2004 but, unfortunately, it is still relevant these days.

Berlin University proved that God exists

Early 20th century

During a conference for university students, a professor at the University of Berlin …
… launched a challenge to students with the following question:
“Did God created everything that exists?”
One student answered, with conviction:
“Yes, He created…”
“Did God really create everything that exists?”
Asked the teacher again.
“Yes, sir”, replied the young man.
The teacher countered: “If God created everything that exists, then God created evil, since evil exists! And if we agree that our works are a reflection of ourselves, then God is evil !! “
The young man was silent before the argument of the master, who happily rejoiced at having proved, once again, that faith was a myth.
Another student raises his hand and says:
“Can I ask you a question, professor?”
“Of course,” he replied.
The young man takes a short break and asks:
“Professor, does cold exists?”
“What kind of question is that? … Of course it does, or have you never been cold?”
The student replies: “In reality, sir, the cold does not exist. According to the laws of physics, what we consider cold, in fact, is the absence of heat. All bodies or objects are subject to study when they have or transmit energy; heat is what causes bodies to have or transmit energy ”.
“Absolute zero is the total absence of heat; all bodies are inert, unable to react, but the cold does not exist. We created this definition to describe how we feel when we are not hot. “
Ficheiro:Black flag.svg – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre
“And, does darkness exist?”, continued the student.
The teacher replied:
Ficheiro:Black flag.svg – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre
The student replied:
“Neither does darkness exist.
Darkness, in reality, is the absence of light.”
Ficheiro:Black flag.svg – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre
“The light can study it, the darkness, no!
Through Nichols’ prism, white light can be decomposed into its various colors, with their different wavelengths.
Not the darkness! “
Ficheiro:Black flag.svg – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre
… “How can you know how dark a given space is? Based on the amount of light present in that space.
Darkness is a definition used by man to describe what happens in the absence of light. ”
Finally, the young man asked the teacher:
“Professor, DOES EVIL EXIST?”
And he replied, “As I said at the beginning, we see crime and violence all over the world. This is evil.”
The student replied:
“Evil does not exist, Lord, or at least it does not exist on its own. Evil is simply the absence of good … According to the previous cases, evil is a definition that man created to describe the absence of God. ”
“God did not create evil … Evil is the result of the absence of God in the hearts of human beings. Just as with cold when there is no heat, or with darkness when there is no light.”
The young man was given a standing ovation and the master, shaking his head, remained silent …

The Dean of the University addressed the young student and asked him:
“What is your name?”


God is not an object.
In fact, only by faith will we be touched by the Grace that comes from God.

Based on a PowerPoint sent by e-mail! Author unknown!

Autograph of God

Autograph is the original signature, handwritten by the author of some work.
Anyone who delves into the knowledge of art can, when admiring a canvas, affirm its author and even identify, if applicable, which period of that artist’s artistic life corresponds.
Whoever writes a book is defined by a way of writing and,
from there, it will become known. Naturally, he puts his name on the work.
But, more than that, it is identified by the style and the way in which it develops its thinking, when transposing it to paper.
Each artist has his own unique way of identifying himself in his work.
And that is how He is known and admired by His productions through the ages, when our eyes are ecstatic before nature.
When our ears are delighted by the sounds of the singing rivers, by the murmur of the tiny fountains, by the waters that flow down the slopes, pouring loudly from heights;
When the wind flutters a song between the branches or violently shakes the trees.
When the Sun is painted gold and everything fills with light where it spreads.
When the sky becomes a thousand, indefinable shades, in an indescribable dawn.
When all this happens, day after day, we look for the Author and Its signature.
The incredible thing about the grandiose is the tiny things.
Everything obeying the same care, tells us about the quality of the Artist.
The diversity of tones and sounds speaks to us of a superlatively creative Someone, since billions of years ago he has not repressed a sunset, nor the crystal of a dewdrop, nor the combination of twittering from the past.
Every day everything is different. The Sun returns, the clouds stretch, the prairie extends, lengthening its patchwork of different colors, embroidered here and there with small flowers … but nothing is the same.
The leaves of the trees are in greater or lesser numbers, the symphony of the waters has just been composed, the birds swing in other branches.
Yes, the Artist responsible for the day and night concert is extraordinary.
Men say they have never seen Him, but everyone can admire His work, even those who deny His existence.
This unparalleled Artist signs the delicacy of the mornings with the brush of dawn.
We can discover His autograph on the firmament screen, in the brightness of the stars.
He is so big, that the canvas on which He creates His wonders is expanding.
But where this Artist places His most special signature is in the essence of each of the children He created.
He is in each one of us and is called Immortality.
Think about it, you are God’s most special autograph.
Text: Redação Momento Espírita
Pictures: Internet
Formatting: Amélia Soares (ameliasoares-55@hotmail.com)

This was based on a PowerPoint made by Amélia Soares. Thank you for sharing this piece of Its Autograph with us all! Better watched listening to “Stardust” by the one and only Mr. Nat King Cole! 🙏 

Short, beautiful and wise.

It is said that in the last century, an American tourist went to the city of Cairo in Egypt, with the purpose of visiting a famous sage. The tourist was surprised to see that the sage lived in a very simple room full of books. The only pieces of furniture were a bed, a table, and a bench.
“Where are your furniture?” Asked the tourist.
And the wise man, quickly looked about him and also asked:
“And where are your …?”
My?! Surprised the tourist. “But I’m only here in passing!”
Me too…
“Life on Earth is only a passage … Yet some live as if they were to remain here eternally, and forget to be happy.” concluded the wise man.
Time is like a river. You will never be able to touch the same water twice, because the water that has passed will never pass again.
Enjoy every minute of your life and remember: Never look for good looks because they change over time. Do not look for perfect people, because they do not exist. But seek above all else, a person who knows your true worth.
Have 4 loves: God, Life, family and friends. God because he is the owner of life, because life is short, the family because it is unique and friends because they are rare!
Get a hug !!!