This one it’s definetely not a PG13 movie, lol!

All the slang and the crazy jokes were just in your face and it’s what I would expect from an hell spawn!

The movie it’s a pretty good fantasy/adventure, that brings us hell in Hellboy persona!

David Harbour it’s great in is roll of Mr. Hellboy! and, personaly, I really enjoyed watching Milla Jovovich in a fantasy movie again!

If you’re into this kind of things, go watch it!

The Shannara Chronicles

Just finished The Shannara Chronicles (TSC) season 1!

An amazing show, a bit taken from The Lord of the Rings trilogy in its core, but lakes the epic of the original!

Even so, a must-see to those who are into a fantasy world! Hoping season 2 will get this series even higher!