The day after tomorrow


Once again, the need to watch a catastrophe kind of movie was overwhelming…

Started to watch this one a few days back on Syfy and thought, well, need to rewatch it… And that’s what I did yesterday…

This one still got a bit of adventure, but it goes from science sci-fi, or not, to Hollywood blockbuster…

Nonetheless, when I was finishing it, I was wondering with myself, why I needed to watch this kind of movies, like I did a few days back with 2012… And maybe it’s because, in spite of a global catastrophe, in the end it brings hope that things will get better, even though in a different kind of way!

Let’s have hope to overcome this Covid-19! We will endure!

Jumanji: The next level

This one goes for all of you out there who love a great adventure movie and who are really into playing video games… This is the most similar thing to playing Tomb Raider!

And, the cherry on top of the cake, it’s when “Welcome to the Jungle” blasts on it… Guns N’ Roses are still alive and kicking!

For me was an awesome 2 hours! And so, I really hope you all can watch it and get into the adventure, with loads of laughs!


This one it’s definetely not a PG13 movie, lol!

All the slang and the crazy jokes were just in your face and it’s what I would expect from an hell spawn!

The movie it’s a pretty good fantasy/adventure, that brings us hell in Hellboy persona!

David Harbour it’s great in is roll of Mr. Hellboy! and, personaly, I really enjoyed watching Milla Jovovich in a fantasy movie again!

If you’re into this kind of things, go watch it!

Godzilla: King of the monsters

Whatever people say, whatever poeple think, whatever people write, we always have to watch a Godzilla movie, for better or for worst!

And in this peculiar movie, in my modest opinion, it’s for the good. Really enjoyed this action/adventure movie… Godzilla the king, Godzilla the god, Godzilla and it’s monsters… It deserves a watch so, what are you waiting for?!…