The Old Guard

If you like action mixed with a good story and great chast, this one is for you!

I really liked watching this one… and I have to say Charlize Theron it’s amazing, she really knows how to kick some dirty ass, Kiki Layne brings some juice to the equation, Matthias Shoenaerts it’s a good trickster, Marwan Kenzari and Luca Marinelli are just great together….

So, go watch it and if you want, leave some comments here!


Honestly, this is not a movie to rewatch during this time of quarantine… bu I really wanted to, so I did it!

It’s a blockbuster, it’s a very long movie, lots of special effects, but in the end, it’s a story about survival, the need for humanity to unite… And that’s what is going on nowadays… We have to unite in order to defeat this Covid-19 (coronavirus)!

I’ve found some strength here, believe in what we need to achieve together…

Unite were stronger!

Rambo: Last blood

Rambo it’s a character that everyone knows and most have seen at least one movie…

I was apprehensive on this one, because I really wanted to watch it, but haven’t even seen the trailer, I didn’t want to…

Well, this is an opus to Mr. John Rambo… The second part of the movie brings on the great character , the true Rambo!

Thank you Mr. Stallone for giving us a great closure to this series!

Godzilla: King of the monsters

Whatever people say, whatever poeple think, whatever people write, we always have to watch a Godzilla movie, for better or for worst!

And in this peculiar movie, in my modest opinion, it’s for the good. Really enjoyed this action/adventure movie… Godzilla the king, Godzilla the god, Godzilla and it’s monsters… It deserves a watch so, what are you waiting for?!…


If you’re looking for an action movie with a bit of laugh and a good time to spent, this might be the one for you!
If you’re a Transformers fan and want a bit of history, this one might give you something to work on.
But if your an addict of hardcore Transformers, this might just not get you so high as you may want!
So, watch it, laugh a little and get hearted by the one and only Bumblebee!