Monster Hunter

Every time Milla Jovovich appears on a new movie trailer, I get into it ASAP…

She’s the real Hollywood badass of action movies, ever since the “Resident Evil” franchise began!

And with this new game-based movie instalment it’s pure action, pure adrenaline, funny, and she kicks some serious monster ass!

This is the kind of cinema I crave for on a Sunday evening, pure rush, pure adventure, amazing graphics and fantastic SCIFI fun! Ooooooh, and the monsters are really serious, one of a kind monsters, specially Nerscylla (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)…

If you like adventure, if you dare to confront some one of a kind monsters, go for it!

“Let’s do this” – Lt. Artemis


Another action movie from the non stopping “The Rock” aka  Dwayne Johnson!

Thought it would be a bit worse. Well, it has crazy stunting scenes and a rather good script!

If you are into this, go watch it!

Oh, and it has the Scream actress we all know very well, Neve Campbell in a pretty good return to the leads!

The Immortal Wars

An action/fantasy film, about humans and a superior race, the deviants, which have special abilities…

It could be a pretty cool film, but it lacks action, more empathy and a lot of special effects… I think that this film it’s a mark for what a story should be taken better directed!

I do liked a lot, this music from its soundtrack…. Hope you enjoy it too!


I do like to watch, from time to time, a catastrophe kind of films… From “2012”, to “The day after tomorrow”, and others, it’s a mixed emotion it brings… From the ‘WTF’, to the ‘that could really happen’ or even the ‘no way’, a lot of questions, feelings, emotions come to mind!

This one is a good one to watch during this pandemic times… Was sometimes a bit weird for me to watch lots of people together without wearing a mask… That’s nuts, I’m going nuts… Definitely…

Whatever, it’s an action film with lots of catastrophe moments to carry it on until the end… Or a new beginning… Watch it and make your own opinion!

The Old Guard

If you like action mixed with a good story and great chast, this one is for you!

I really liked watching this one… and I have to say Charlize Theron it’s amazing, she really knows how to kick some dirty ass, Kiki Layne brings some juice to the equation, Matthias Shoenaerts it’s a good trickster, Marwan Kenzari and Luca Marinelli are just great together….

So, go watch it and if you want, leave some comments here!


Honestly, this is not a movie to rewatch during this time of quarantine… bu I really wanted to, so I did it!

It’s a blockbuster, it’s a very long movie, lots of special effects, but in the end, it’s a story about survival, the need for humanity to unite… And that’s what is going on nowadays… We have to unite in order to defeat this Covid-19 (coronavirus)!

I’ve found some strength here, believe in what we need to achieve together…

Unite were stronger!

Rambo: Last blood

Rambo it’s a character that everyone knows and most have seen at least one movie…

I was apprehensive on this one, because I really wanted to watch it, but haven’t even seen the trailer, I didn’t want to…

Well, this is an opus to Mr. John Rambo… The second part of the movie brings on the great character , the true Rambo!

Thank you Mr. Stallone for giving us a great closure to this series!

Godzilla: King of the monsters

Whatever people say, whatever poeple think, whatever people write, we always have to watch a Godzilla movie, for better or for worst!

And in this peculiar movie, in my modest opinion, it’s for the good. Really enjoyed this action/adventure movie… Godzilla the king, Godzilla the god, Godzilla and it’s monsters… It deserves a watch so, what are you waiting for?!…