The 12 most populated locations

The 12 agglomerations most populated in the World

To your knowledge…
At 12th position is Chongqing (China), with 15,872,179 inhabitants.
The 11th is Karachi, Pakistan, reaching 16,093,786 inhabitants.
In 10th place is Osaka (Japan), with 19,165,340 inhabitants.
9th is Mumbai (India) with 20,411,274 inhabitants.
The 8th is Beijing (China) with 20,462,610 inhabitants.
China today has about 1 billion and 400 million inhabitants, almost the same population that had all the world, at the end of the XIXth century.
The 7th is Cairo (Egypt) with 20,900,604 inhabitants.
The 6th is Dhaka (Bangladesh) with 21,005,860 population.
The 5th is Mexico City with 21,782,378 inhabitants in the metropolitan area (on its way to have the same number of inhabitants as the entire Mexican Republic by the 1950’s).
The 4th is São Paulo (Brazil) with 22,043,028 inhabitants.
A city that grows at giant steps.
The third is Shanghai (China) with 27,058,480 inhabitants.
The 2nd is Delhi (India) with 30,290,936 inhabitants (India has an estimated population of 1 billion and 300 million inhabitants).
And in 1st place, the undisputed champion, is Tokyo, Japan with 37,393,128 inhabitants.
A real population explosion!
We will now make some important observations:
– No European city appears on the list. Moscow is the most populated European city (12.5 million) and ranks at 23rd.
– China has three cities with many million inhabitants:
Shanghai, Beijing and Chongqing. The three together exceed 63 million inhabitants.

Now let’s look at some aspects of the conditions in which people live in large cities, especially in Asia …

Thousands of families live here …
Transport and housing units make people feel… compressed, huddled, squeezed in small spaces.
Multifamily buildings resemble huge anthills.
A beach saturated with bathers…
Look at this saturated highway and sincerely say if it isn’t much better to live in smaller cities.
A city, for it to be “livable”, should not have more than 500 thousand inhabitants …
The Earth has space and natural resources to give healthy lives to 6 billion human beings.
Today we are already 8 billion.
And, at the current rate of growth, we will be 10 billion in 2050. There is not enough space or natural resources for all of this! Something has to be done urgently to curb and reduce population growth of human beings on Earth.

Based on the PowerPoint made by Irene Aguir, that can be found here. These are the 2020 top 12 population countries.

Are this eggs?!…

“You do not even need chickens, nor do you

Chinese police dismantle factory to make artificial eggs from plastic materials and inedible human waste. And it exports its product to the Arab world and to Morocco, especially through Arab merchants !!!

The factory produces about 50,000 cartons per day (each with 360 eggs …)

This egg is the cause of the spread of gastrointestinal cancer diseases!

At present, the director of the Chinese factory is in jail. What is strange is that this Chinese industrial egg does not differentiate it from the original egg, either in shape or texture, and inside it is egg white and egg yolk, like the original chicken eggs, and is now widespread in our markets .”

Millionaire tells demolish hometown to build luxury condo as a thank you

They have stories that can put smiles on our faces. The attitude of the Chinese billionaire Xiong Shuihua is a fine example.

Often movies and the media sell the image of wealthy entrepreneurs as selfish, arrogant and greedy men. Xiong is nothing like that. On the contrary.

Instead of spending his fortune only with mansions, yachts and big cars, the Chinese did something really beautiful.

This is Shuihua Xiong, an entrepreneur who made his fortune in the steel construction industry.

He was born in the humble village of Xiongkeng in the city of Xinyu in southern China

The image above shows how the region was a few years ago. That’s when Xiong spent his childhood, where he always received support from the community to not be in want.

After enrich, Xiong decided he needed to thank … and words were not enough for him.

The steel billionaire demolished all the houses in the village precarious conditions. Instead he built a luxury condominium for all residents living there.

Five years ago the people of Xiongkeng lived in very basic homes. Therefore, the new condo images show a luxurious standard against which they were accustomed.

Today 72 families take advantage of the new dwelling with a much higher quality of life.

The project cost $ 7.4 million was not only the best homes …

… Xiong also promised three meals for the elderly and people with low income of the village.

“I made more money than I know what to do with it, and I did not forget my roots,” said the entrepreneur to the Daily Mail

. “I always wanted to pay my debts, and make sure that those who helped me when I was young would be compensated for goodness they did.”
Attitudes like this inspire my day … and yours?

Unfortunately we are living in a time when it is easier to see people always seeking personal gain than helping those in need. Stories like this inspire my day.

If you like to know the story of Xiong, share it with your friends so that they too will be inspired.