Curious World

Curious World
More than half of the United States coasts are in Alaska.
The Amazon Forest supplies more than 20% oxygen to the Earth.
The Amazon River releases so much water into the Atlantic Ocean that, more than 160 km from its mouth, fresh water can be found.
The volume of water in the Amazon River is greater than that of the eight rivers that follow it in size together, and three times greater than that of all the rivers of the United States together.
Antarctica is the only part of our planet that does not belong to any country. 90% of the planet’s ice covers Antarctica. This ice also represents 60% of all fresh water in the World.
Although 99.6% of its surface is covered with ice, Antarctica is the driest place on the planet, with an absolute lower humidity than that of the Gobi Desert.
Brazil got its name from the nut that exists there, not the other way around.
Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world. Canada is an indigenous word that means “big town”.
After Warsaw, Chicago has the largest number of Polish in the world.
Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, was the world’s first paved road.
Damascus is the oldest city in the world and was already a thriving city two thousand years before the founding of Rome in 753 BC.
Istanbul is the only city in the world built on two continents.
The full name of Los Angeles is “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Ángeles de la Porciúncula” and is generally abbreviated to 3.63% of its size: “LA”.
The term “Big Apple” was used by musicians who played jazz in the 1930s. They used the word “Apple” to refer to any city or town in which they played.
There are no natural lakes in the State of Ohio, they are all man-made.
There are more Irish people in New York than in Dublin, more Italians than in Rome and more Jews than in Tel Aviv.
The smallest island that has the status of an independent country is Pitcairn, in Polynesia, with only 4.53 km2 of surface.
The first city to reach a population of one million was Rome, in 133 B.C. There is at least one city with the name of Rome on each continent.
Siberia contains more than 25% of the world’s forests.
The smallest sovereign entity in the world is the “Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta” (S.M.O.M), better known as The Order of Malta. It is located in the city of Rome, has a surface of two tennis courts and a population of 80 people.
In the Sahara desert there is a village called Tidikelt, in Algeria, which has not received a drop of rain in 10 years.
The name of Spain literally means “land of rabbits”.
Colombia has the highest coastal mountain in the world, at 5,770m above sea level. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
The probability of finding an unpaved road in the United States is 1%. In Canada it is 0.75%.
The biggest man-made hole is the “Kola Superdeep Borehole” in Russia. It has a depth of 12 km and was drilled for scientific investigations, in which an immense hydrogen deposit was discovered.
The interstate system “Eisenhower”, in the USA, requires that one in every five miles of road be straight. The purpose is that, in times of war and other emergencies, interstate highways can serve as airstrips.
The Salto do Anjo in Venezuela, is the highest waterfall in the world, having a height of 979 m, 15 times higher than that of Niagara.
“Å” means “river” in 3 Scandinavian languages. There are 7 villages in Norway and one in Sweden with this name.
Hulunbuir, with 263,935 km2, is the largest municipality in the world. It is a province in Inner Mongolia, China, ruled by a councilor.
San Marino, founded in the year 301, is the oldest constitutional republic in the world.
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“I have a dream”

Russian Mother Takes Magical Pictures Of Her Two Kids With Animals On Her Farm

These wonderful photographs by Elena Shumilova plunge the viewer into a beautiful world that revolves around two boys and their adorable dog, cat, duckling and rabbit friends. Taking advantage of natural colors, weather conditions and her enchanting surroundings, the gifted Russian artist creates cozy and heartwarming photography that will leave you amazed.

The boys in the photographs are the photographer’s sons and the animals belong to the farm she runs. “I largely trust my intuition and inspiration when I compose photos.”

More than just a picture

Pictures taken from the PowerPoint “More than just a picture” made by Kaohsiung Taiwan.

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All photos were taken from internet.

I’ve loved this PowerPoint sent to me by e-mail and so I decided it to share it here! Congratulations Kaohsiung Taiwan for the amazing PowerPoint!

Rare historical photographs

The man who denied giving the Nazi salute, 1936
Nikola Tesla in his laboratory
Tombs of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband separated by a wall, The Netherlands, 1888
Austrian boy in pure happiness receiving new shoes during World War II
Race organizers try to stop Kathrine Switzer from competing in the Boston marathon. She was the first woman to finish the race in 1967
Seal intact at Tutankhamun’s tomb, 1922 (3245 years untouched)
Painting the Eiffel Tower, 1932
First morning after Sweden changed driving from left to right, 1967
Animals used as part of medical therapy, 1956
The kiss of life to the colleague after he touched the high voltage cable, 1967
Annette Kellerman promotes the right of women to wear a one-piece swimsuit, 1907. She was arrested for indecency.
Cave in an iceberg photographed during the British Antarctic expedition, 1911
106-year-old Armenian woman, protector of the home, 1990
Albert Einstein, Summer 1939, Long Island, NY
Brooklyn Bridge painter, 1914
The last known photo of the Titanic on the water, 1912
Disneyland employees cafeteria in 1961
Huge crowds gather at Woodstock Rock Festival, 1969
Women delivering ice, 1918
Hannah Stilley born in 1746, photographed in 1840
The Beatles play for 18 people at the Club de Aldershot, 1961. Superstars a year and a half later.
The first tube at Edgware Road station, London, 1862
Customers of a music store in London, 1955
Woman with gas-resistant stroller, England, 1938
Elvis in the Army, 1958
Cages used for babies to ensure that they received sunlight and fresh air in an apartment building, 1937
Measurement of swimsuits, to see if they were too short, if applicable, women would receive a fine, 1920
Salvador Dali kisses Raquel Welch’s hand after finishing his famous portrait, 1965
Girl with doll sitting in front of her bombed house, London, 1940
French resistance member George Ciegos, smiling at the German firing squad, 1944
“Daddy’s waiting for me” by Claude P. Dettloff in New Westminster, Canada, 1940
Sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square, August 1945
Audrey Hepburn shopping with a deer as a mascot, Beverly Hills, CA, 1958
Three men run the marathon at the first modern Olympic Games, 1896
Sale of the afternoon newspaper with the news of the sinking of the Titanic the night before, April 16, 1912
“4 children for sale inquire within”, 1948
Norway receives its first shipment of bananas, 1905

Based on the amazing PowerPoint:

Mundo estranhamente belo

Não precisa sair de seu planeta para sentir que está em algum outro mundo remoto.
Veja uma lista de 10 lugares, aqui na Terra, em que a sensação de estar noutro planeta é garantida.

10. As Cavernas de Gelo de Eisriesenwelt, Áustria

Cavernas de gelo são muito diferentes de cavernas normais. Quando estamos dentro dela, parece que não estamos
na Terra e sim nas entranhas de algum planeta remoto. Há muitas cavernas de gelo ao redor do mundo e as
Eisriesenwelt são as maiores conhecidas. Elas se estendem por 40km. Apenas uma porção desse labirinto é
aberta a turistas, mas é suficiente para sentir o clima e o mistério que circulam o local.

9.Vales Secos ( Dry Valleys ), Antártica

A região Vales Secos da Antártica, de acordo com os cientistas, é a área na Terra mais parecida com o que seria
uma paisagem de Marte. A região quase nunca tem neve e, excepto por algumas planícies rochosas,
é a única parte continental da Antártica que não é formada de gelo. O chão dos vales apresenta alguns lagos
permanentemente congelados, com vários metros de grossura e, sob esse gelo, vivem alguns organismos
extremamente simples, que são objectos de estudo.

8. Ilha Socotra, Oceano Índico

Essa ilha simplesmente dispensa qualquer noção do que é considerado “normal” para uma paisagem terrestre.
Se você acordasse lá, provavelmente pensaria que está em outro planeta ou, pelo menos, em alguma era remota.
Socotra é parte de um arquipélago que ficou geograficamente isolado da África há 6 ou 7 milhões de anos.
Como nas ilhas Galápagos, possui cerca de 700 espécies raras e muito diferentes. O clima é árido, e mesmo assim
lá estão exemplares incríveis de plantas – algumas espécies não apresentaram variações nos últimos 20 milhões de anos.

7. Rio Tinto, Espanha

As minas gigantes, a céu aberto, do Rio Tinto, criam um ambiente surreal, transformando a paisagem em algo similar
ao que veríamos na Lua, por exemplo. O crescimento do rio não consumiu apenas montanhas e vales, mas adentrou
terras de vilas. O rio teve seu nome tirado da cor de suas águas, praticamente vermelhas e extremamente ácidas
(com pH variando entre 1.7 e 2.5), ricas em metais.

6. Kliluk, o Lago Manchado, Canadá

No quente sol de verão, a água do Lago Manchado evapora e os minerais contidos nela são cristalizados.
Isso causa a formação de vários círculos com bordas brancas: piscinas rasas, que refletem o conteúdo mineral
da água em tons de verde e azul. Essa água contém uma das maiores concentrações de minerais do mundo: sulfato
de magnésio, cálcio e sulfato de sódio, mais traços de outros minerais, como titânio e prata. Os índios canadenses
se banhavam nessas águas e na lama do lago para curar feridas.

5. Saleira de Uyuni, Bolívia

A Saleira de Uyuni é, talvez, uma das mais espetaculares paisagens do mundo. Uma área magnífica com um
impressionante deserto de sal (o maior do mundo), vulcões activos e gêiseres – como uma miragem alienígena,
completamente fora da realidade.

4. Vale da Lua, Brasil

O representante nacional das paisagens “alienígenas” é o Vale da Lua, no Brasil. É uma formação rochosa,
esculpida pela erosão da água, cheia de piscinas naturais. Está localizado a 38 km de Alto Paraíso, em Goiás.
Suas formações rochosas são uma das mais antigas do planeta, feita de quartzo e de outros cristais.

3. Córrego do Sangue Quente, Japão

O Córrego do Sangue Quente é um dos “infernos” (jigoku) de Beppu, no Japão. Nove espectaculares termas
que são mais “para ver” do que para tomar banho. A paisagem inclui um lago de água vermelha e quente,
colorida pelo ferro presente no líquido. O Sangue Quente foi eleito o mais fotogénico dos “infernos”.

2. A Floresta de Pedras, China

A Shilin (em mandarim, Floresta de Pedras) é formada de pedras lisas, circundadas por água que cobre o chão.
A água causa erosão em tudo, menos nos pilares. A Floresta de Pedras é conhecida desde a Dinastia Ming
como a Primeira Maravilha do Mundo.

1. A Estrutura Richat, Mauritânia

Essa espectacular formação na Mauritânia fica na parte sudoeste do deserto do Saara.. É tão grande que é visível do espaço, com um diâmetro de 30 milhas. Anteriormente, achava-se que a formação foi causada pelo impacto de um meteorito que caíra na região, mas agora concluiu-se que é resultado de erosão. A causa exacta de seu formato circular ainda é um mistério.

Para reflectir:
“Tudo o que é necessário para o triunfo do mal, é que os homens de bem nada façam”.
(Edmund Burke)