A very pertinent tale…

Prof. Júlio Machado Vaz is a professor of Psychiatry in Oporto. He knows what he says!

A very pertinent tale, for the present moment!

The Plague was on its way to Baghdad when it met Nasrudin. The latter asked him:

– Where are you going?

The Plague replied:

– Baghdad, kill ten thousand people.

After a while, the Plague met Nasrudin again. Very angry, the mullah said to him:

– You lied to me. You said you would kill ten thousand people and you killed a hundred thousand.

And Plague replied:

– I didn’t lie, I killed ten thousand. The rest were terrified.

Fear is a vibration of less love, just as the shadow is less light. Fear puts us in a vibrational state that makes us very fragile, making us very susceptible to various evils, including diseases.

In this moment of global pandemic, we need to be very aware of the contents with which we feed our minds.

Try to keep yourself in a vibration of optimism, hope, solidarity and faith, feeding your spirit with positive thoughts and messages.

On the other hand, stay away from gossip, from alarmism, from the compulsion to seek a lot of information that only adds fuel to the fire of fear.

The moment asks for silence, asks for introspection. And that is why the moment has never been so favorable for the cure of everything that prevents us from manifesting our true essence: unconditional love “.

Prof. Júlio Machado Vaz