The Dalai Lama on humanity

The Dalai Lama was asked:
“What surprises you most about Humanity?”
And he replied:
“Men … Because they lose their health to save money, then they lose money to recover their health. And they live as if they were never going to die … and they die as if they never lived.”

I have read many “effect” phrases, but this one surpasses all!!.

When we rise

What a powerful, strong and real story that “When we rise” mini série brings to us all,

Fighting for our rights, fighting fir what we believe, fighting for a universal World, is the key to validate us as humans!

This story was overwhelming with feelings: fear, struggle, believe, fight, hate, love… All the feelings that show us we are human beings, that we are all equal!

After watching it until the last episode, I feel freer, believing in all of us, hoping that union will become the ultimate decision!

Watch it, and believe in you!