A 14 year old boy becomes a super hero! Imagine yourself at your 14s and having super human strength, super speed, ability to fly, strike lightnings from your hands… What would you thought?! Let’s play with my super powers!

This is Shazam, so don’t be destroyed by the naivety of this super hero, even though he seems an adult, he is just a teenager!

Go on, watch it with the eyes of your inner child and laugh a little bit!

Justice League vs The Fatal Five

I’m really loving watching DC universe animated movies! They have great story and the characters are just five stars!

This one was just another example of a great amination superhero movie! Even though I didn’t knew the Fatal Five, the story, Star Boy, Miss Martian, Jessica Cruz just expanded the Justice League ensemble!

Go watch it if you enjoy superheroes, DC or animated movies!