Covid-19 – DANGER! Read this report

IMPORTANT – Covid-19 – DANGER! Read this report

Physicians in the ICU of the MILITARY HOSPITAL *:

We want to make a cordial appeal to the common sense of people who accepted the lack of confinement as if the pandemic had ended and as if we had returned to normalcy before the start of this crisis.

Infecting with the coronavirus is not a common cold:

There are high fevers, sore throats and tightness in the chest to the point that life seems to be going away and the worst is there;

Resuscitation is required.

* There is talk of ventilation, but it is NOT an oxygen mask placed on your mouth and nose, while you have fun thinking about your life, no!

Invasive ventilation for COVID-19 is intubation that is done under general anesthesia and consists of staying for at least 2 to 3 weeks without moving, usually on your stomach (prone position) with a tube in your mouth to the trachea, which allows you to breathe in the rhythm of the machine to which it is connected. You cannot talk, eat or do anything naturally because the discomfort and pain you feel requires the administration of sedatives and painkillers to ensure tolerance to the tube.

During the time the patient needs the machine to breathe, he will be in an induced coma, that is, in an artificial coma.

In 20 days with this treatment, a young patient will have a loss of muscle mass of 40% and the subsequent re-education will be 6 to 12 months, associated with severe trauma to the mouth or vocal cords. It is for this reason that the elderly or people fragile in their health do not last. If you have read this message so far, we would appreciate it if you shared it so that we can all take it seriously now that it is coming out again. Follow the instructions and remember that you need to be taken much more seriously.

This pandemic ends when the vaccine is found, NOT BEFORE.

Thank you for spreading it.

There had to be

It had to exist, fuck!

“Now that we are known internationally, I hope that tourists don’t come here to ruin everything! …”

D. Etelvina – one of the 343 people who live in Covide, in the municipality of Terras de Bouro, on the edge of Gerês.