Grandma’s apron

The first purpose of grandmother’s apron was to protect her underwear.

Then … it served as a glove to remove the pan from the stove …

It was wonderful to dry the tears of the grandchildren and also to clean their dirty faces.

From the chicken coop, the apron was used to transport the eggs and, sometimes, the chicks.

When visitors arrived, the apron served to protect shy children.

When it was cold, it served grandmother as a coat.

This old apron was an agitated bellows, to revive the fire.

It was in it that she took the potatoes and dry wood to the kitchen.

From the garden, it served as a basket for many vegetables, after picking the peas, it was time to collect turnips and cabbages.

And by the arrival of Autumn, she used it to pick up fallen apples.

When visitors came, unexpectedly, it was surprising to see how quickly this old apron could dust.

When it was time for the meal, from the balcony, the grandmother waved her apron and the men, working in the field, knew immediately that they had to go to the table.

Grandma also used it to take the apple pie out of the oven and put it in the window to cool.

It will be many years before any other invention or object can replace my grandmother’s old apron.

In memory of our grandmothers!

(Free translation and adaptation of a text, in Castilian, in CITAS LITERÁRIAS)