The profit war

Is this true? Or just appears to be?
. . . Of course the holy money speaks first! ! !
This fierce war had to have an explanation.


This is the question that is constantly being asked and that has come to discredit the vaccine, which in fact is very dangerous for the pharmaceutical industry. The big problem is not its danger to our health, but its costs, which are much lower than those of the competition.
Eva De Bleeker, Secretary of State for the Belgian Budget, committed the distrust of revealing the amounts that the European Union is paying for the unit cost of each of the different vaccines. She published the following cost table on her social networks:
Astrzeneca – 1,78 € (each vaccine)
Modern – 14,7€ (8.25 times more)
Pfizer – 12€ (6.74 times more)
Cure Vac – 10€ (5.61 times more)
Sanofi / GSK – 7.56€ (4.24 times more)
Janssen – 6.90 € (3.87 times more)
As expected, there was an immediate protest from several laboratories who claimed that the “confidentiality clause” of the contract established with the EU was not respected.
Eva De Bleeker hastened to erase what she had published, but it was too late, her writing had already been copied and widely circulated.
Then came a huge campaign to discredit the vaccine that committed the heresy of being much cheaper.
The campaign lasts… It lasts and will continue to last, until most countries stop using it or only use it in increasingly restricted groups.
It should be remembered that Astrazeneca was developed following procedures, which have been tested for a long time, and are followed in the common anti-flu vaccines that are modified every year to adapt to the new strains that appear. A fragment of the virus that has antigenic power (it generates the production of antibodies that will fight a future infection) has no pathogenic power (it does not cause the disease) is injected.
Other vaccines used new, untried technologies, some based on mRNA. And that they had, obviously, higher production costs but that do not justify the huge price difference.

Let’s wait for the scenes in the next chapters.

Pray the emptiness


The emptiness brought on by a fear we didn’t know about and which now seems to be a tenant of our soul.

The emptiness of confined spaces.

The emptiness of life, suddenly suspended.

The emptiness of the hours that whoever is alone counts differently.

The emptiness of the uncertainties that pile up and which we have not yet talked about.

The emptiness of the eyes of those we see suffering and the emptiness of the many who suffer without us seeing it.

The emptiness of caregivers at the end of strenuous shifts.

The emptiness of those who had to remain exposed, day by day, so that others could be safe.

The emptiness of everything that, from one moment to another, was postponed.

The emptiness of that old woman who spends the day with her face pressed against the window.

The emptiness of the streets gives us a silence that is not a silence, but a kind of eviction from everyday life.

The emptiness of meetings and conversations.

The emptiness that friends sense.

The emptiness of laughter.

The emptiness of all HUGS not given.


José Tolentino Mendonça

Remedy for burns

In a first aid course, Firefighters taught the following:

When burns occur, large or small, the first of all is: place the affected part under the tap with cold running water until the heat and the burning of the burn subsides. Then cover the entire length of the wound with EGGWHITE (or GLAIR or ALBUMEN or ICING).

One day, while heating water, a person bumped into the pot and part of the boiling water burned a large part of her hand.

Then she put his burnt hand under the cold tap to relieve the burning sting. The pain was unbearable.

Then she broke two eggs.

She separated the EGGWHITE and put it over the wound. Her hand was so burned, that while she put it lightly over her skin, it dried to form a film.

She knew it was NATURAL COLLAGEN.

And she continued putting in hand, covers and more covers of EGGWHITE for an hour.

A little later she was no longer in pain. The next day, there was only a small reddish mark where the burn had been.

After 10 days there was no longer any mark of that horrible burn.

The burnt part has recovered because of the EGGWHITE which contains a substance called COLLAGEN which, in reality, is a placenta full of regenerating vitamins.

Hope this may help someone in need!

Feel free to share this knowledge with whom you might think could be helped!