How a paradigm is born

A group of scientists placed five monkeys in a cage, in the center of which they placed a ladder and, on top of it, a bunch of bananas.
When a monkey climbed the ladder to pick up the bananas, the scientists sprayed cold water on those on the ground.
After a while, when one monkey went up the stairs, the others beat him to it.
After a while, no more monkeys climbed the stairs, despite the temptation of bananas.
So, the scientists replaced one of the five monkeys.
The first thing he did was climb the stairs, from which he was quickly removed by the others, who beat him.
After some beatings, the new member of the group no longer climbed the stairs.
A second was replaced, and so was the first replacement enthusiastically participating in the beating of the newcomer.
A third was exchanged, and the fact was repeated.
A fourth and finally the last of the veterans was replaced.
The scientists were then left with a group of five monkeys who, even though they had never taken a cold bath, continued to beat anyone who tried to reach the bananas.
If it were possible to ask any of them why they beat anyone trying to climb the stairs, surely the answer would be:
– “I don’t know, things have always been like this around here…”
You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to pass this story on to your friends, so that, from time to time, they wonder why they do some things without thinking…

“What a sad era when it is easier to smash an atom than a prejudice.”

Albert Einstein

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