I want to trust again!

I was raised on common moral principles:
When I was little, mothers, fathers, teachers, grandparents, uncles, neighbors were authorities worthy of respect and consideration.
The closer or older, the more affection.
It was unthinkable to answer rudely to elders, teachers or authorities…

We trusted adults because they were all fathers, mothers or relatives of the children in our street, in our neighborhood, in our city…
We were only afraid of the dark, of frogs, of horror movies…

Today it gave me an infinite sadness for all that we lost.

For everything my grandchildren will one day face.
For the fear in the eyes of children, young people, old people and adults.

Human rights for criminals, unlimited duties for honest citizens.
Not taking advantage of everything means being an idiot.
Paying debts in good time is being silly…
Amnesty for corrupt and thieves…

What happened to us?
Mistreated teachers in classrooms, traders threatened by drug dealers, bars on our doors and windows.

What values are these?

Cars that are worthy more than hugs, daughters wanting plastic surgery as a passing gift
of year…
Cell phones in children’s backpacks.

What do you want for a hug?

The fun is worth more than a diploma.
A giant TV it’s worth more than a good conversation.
Make up is worth more than ice cream.
Better to appear than to be…

When did everything disappeared or became ridiculous?

I want to rip the bars off my window so I can touch the flowers!

I want to sit on the porch and sleep with the door open on Summer nights!

I want honesty as a source of pride.
I want uprightness of character, a clean face and an eye-to-eye look.
I want shame in my face and solidarity.
I want hope, joy, confidence!

I want to shut up someone who says: “we have to be at the level of…”, when talking about a person.
Below the  “HAVE”, live the “BE”
And live the return of true life, simple as rain, clear as the spring sky, light as the morning breeze!
And definitely beautiful, like all dawns.

I want to take back my simple and common world, where love, solidarity and fraternity exist as core values.
Let’s go back to being “people”!
The indignation at the lack of ethics, morals, respect…
Build a better, fairer, more human World, where people respect people.

Who knows?…
We need to try…

Our children deserve it and our grandchildren too, they will certainly thank us!
Maybe starting by forwarding or sharing this message…

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