Remedy for burns

In a first aid course, Firefighters taught the following:

When burns occur, large or small, the first of all is: place the affected part under the tap with cold running water until the heat and the burning of the burn subsides. Then cover the entire length of the wound with EGGWHITE (or GLAIR or ALBUMEN or ICING).

One day, while heating water, a person bumped into the pot and part of the boiling water burned a large part of her hand.

Then she put his burnt hand under the cold tap to relieve the burning sting. The pain was unbearable.

Then she broke two eggs.

She separated the EGGWHITE and put it over the wound. Her hand was so burned, that while she put it lightly over her skin, it dried to form a film.

She knew it was NATURAL COLLAGEN.

And she continued putting in hand, covers and more covers of EGGWHITE for an hour.

A little later she was no longer in pain. The next day, there was only a small reddish mark where the burn had been.

After 10 days there was no longer any mark of that horrible burn.

The burnt part has recovered because of the EGGWHITE which contains a substance called COLLAGEN which, in reality, is a placenta full of regenerating vitamins.

Hope this may help someone in need!

Feel free to share this knowledge with whom you might think could be helped!

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