Reflection – “Raw material is needed to build a country.”

Reflection, only apparently out of time!

Raw material is needed to build a country

The previous general belief was that Santana Lopes was of no use, as well as Cavaco, Durão and Guterres.
Now we say that Socrates is of no use.
And what comes after Socrates will also be useless.

So I begin to suspect that the problem is not in the bumbler that was Santana Lopes or in the farce that is Socrates.

The problem is with us. We as a people.

Us as a country’s raw material.

Because I belong to a country where SMARTness is the currency always valued, as much or more than the euro.

A country where getting rich overnight is a virtue more appreciated than forming a family based on values ​​and respect for others.

I belong to a country where, unfortunately, newspapers have never may be sold as in other countries, that is, putting some boxes on the sidewalks where you pay for one newspaper

I belong to the country where PRIVATE COMPANIES are private suppliers of their unhealthy employees, who take things home, as if it were correct, sheets of paper, pencils, pens, clips and everything that might be useful for their children’s schoolwork … and for themselves.

I belong to a country where people feel smart because managed to buy a fake TV Cabo decoder, where the IRS statement fails to pay or pay less taxes.

I belong to a country:
– Where the lack of punctuality is a habit;
– Where company directors do not value human capital.
– Where there is little interest in ecology, where people throw garbage on the streets and then complain about the government for not cleaning the sewers.
– Where there is no culture for reading (where our young people say it is ‘too boring to have to read’) and there is no awareness or memory on
politics, history or economy.
-Where our politicians work two days a week to pass projects and laws that only serve to hunt the poor, tease the middle class and benefit some.

I belong to a country where driving licenses and medical declarations
can be ‘bought’ without taking any exam.

– A country where an elderly person, or a woman with a child in her arms, or an invalid, stands on the bus, while the person sitting pretend to sleep so as not to give its place.

– A country in which the priority of passage is for the car and not for the pawn.

– A country where we do a lot of wrong things, but we are always criticizing our government. The more I analyze the defects of Santana Lopes and Sócrates, I feel better as a person, even though just yesterday I corrupted a traffic cop not to be fined.

The more I say how guilty Cavaco is, the better I am as a Portuguese, although this morning I explored a client who trusted me, which helped me to pay some debts.

No. No. No. That’s enough.

As a country’s ‘raw material’, we have many good things, but we are a long way from being the men and women that our country needs.

These defects, this congenital ‘CHICO-ESPERTERTICE PORTUGUESA’, this small-scale dishonesty, which then grows and evolves until it became scandalous cases in politics, this lack of human quality, more than Santana, Guterres, Cavaco or Sócrates, is that it is really and honestly bad, because they are all Portuguese like us, ELECTED BY US. Born here, not elsewhere …

I get sad.
Because, even if Socrates left today, the next who succeeds will have to continue working with the same raw material that, as a people, we are ourselves.

And you can’t do anything …

I have no guarantee that anyone can do better, but as long as someone does not signal a path destined to first eradicate the vices we have as a people, no one will do.

Neither served Santana, nor served Guterres, did not serve Cavaco, neither does Socrates serve nor will it serve whatever comes.

What is the alternative?

We need another dictator to enforce the law with force and through terror?

Something else is needed here. And while this ‘other thing’ does not start to appear from the bottom up, or from the top down, or from the center to the sides, or as you wish, we will also remain condemned equally stopped… equally abused!

It is very good to be Portuguese. But when this native Portugueseness begins to be a hindrance to our development possibilities as a nation, then everything changes …

Let us not hope to light a candle for all the saints, to see if they send us a messiah.

We have to change. A new ruler with the same Portuguese can do nothing.

It is very clear … We are the ones who have to change.

Yes, I think this fits very well in everything that is happening to us:

We apologize for the mediocrity of harmful television programs and, frankly, we are tolerant of failure.

It is the excuse and stupidity industry.

Now, after this message, frankly, I decided to look for the person responsible, not to punish him, but to demand (yes, to demand) that improves your behavior and that you don’t play dumb, of misunderstanding.

Yes, I decided to look for the responsible and





And you, what do you think? … MEDITATE!

Eduardo Prado Coelho

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